1. nyallwynn

    [Solved] Check to see if a player is spamming a button?

    I searched online and on this forum so if this was asked and answered I am clearly in need of an eye check up heheh. I want to know if there is a way I can have my game check to see if an input is being quickly spammed. For context, I use nearly all of Yanfly Engine Plugins, a few Hime...
  2. jacobiwan

    RMMV drawText from Array outputs as [object Object]

    I am attempting to pull the name of a characters equipped item from an array and outputting it to a menu via drawText: if ($gameActors.actor(index + 1).equips()[6] == null) { var rune = "No Rune"; } else { var rune = $gameActors.actor(index + 1).equips()[6]...
  3. uli636

    Character can't move (SOLVED)

    I'm having trouble while making maps. When my character tries to move, nothing happens. He only turns. And I know it's not caused by the tile being marked as non-passable, because I marked it with an O. Here's a screenshot:
  4. Narch

    [Solved] MOG Variable HUD - Bug in its own demo

    Hi Everyone. I been using the MOG Variable HuD on MV 1.5.1. I found a bug that I tested in the master demo on 1.5.1 (can't test on 1.6+). I don't know if it's fixed on 1.6+, but let me share it to you in hope someone can check and fix it (I asked the author by mail but he did not respond after...
  5. Script Help - Inn Pricing Based on Party's HP

    Hello, I have an event that allows the party to restore all hp. I have rigged up the dialogue, a variable that holds the inn's price, all that, but there is one thing I am having trouble doing: setting the price. I would like the price to be the total missing hp of the party - however the...
  6. imdb55

    [Solved] Step counting items and Pausing step count on cutscene

    Hello, I've been working on items that count player's step (Such as elixirs) that will be expired on step counts. Right now I'm working on Repel/Lure item using Yanfly's plugin (I do not have any problems on creating that effect). I using an event "Control Variables: Steps = Steps" to count...
  7. Midnight Kitty

    Battle Test not working ((RPG Maker MV V1.6.1))

    Anytime I try to launch a battle test it brings me right to the main menu for the game and not directly into the battle. Has anybody else experienced this?
  8. Vanya

    [Solved] Looking to have 9 enemies max per Troop

    Hello all. This is my first time posting. Thus far I have been able to find everything I need by searching, but I've hit a wall on this one. What I want is a simple way that let's me have 9 enemies at once. My setup is similar to the original Final Fantasy on NES. Is there anything that already...
  9. [SOLVED] Explanations about Text Codes

    Hello dear makers, I need a little explanation about the text codes. I basically got what is it and how it work, and it's pretty simple and useful. But in the documentation I can find any clue about the parameter "index" that is required for some of them. For instance: {N:index} | Displays the...
  10. callmedan

    Missing Steam DLC! What should I do?

    I bought the Humble Bundle RPG Maker software and redeemed all those keys. But the Heist Music Pack and the Futuristic School Tiles are missing. Steam keeps telling me they're already activated (I also got an email for activating) but they aren't showed up in the DLCs list. What should I do now...
  11. [solved] Yanfly's State Categories - Game over on fully frozen/petrified party?

    Hi I came across custom death states by Hime, but since I've been using yanfly's plugins as something crucial for my game, it just didn't work (frozen enemies die instantly, characters stay in their death stance and I can't recover them). I recently discovered yanfly's state categories and it...
  12. Emanzi

    Preemptive (Ambush) Attack Battle Format Not There?

    Hi, I was wondering how do I set up a the battle format in a battle processing event? In RPG Maker 2003 you would get the following battle format. >Normal. (Default) >Back Attack. >Preemptive. >Surprise Attack. >Pincer Attack. And an additional option just for: >Preemptive Attack. This would...
  13. bishiba

    [Solved] How to make script call variable instead of integer?

    Hello! I would like to call a variable(68) instead of the 1 in the following script. DataManager.saveGame(1) So far I've tried: DataManager.saveGame(var = 68) DataManager.saveGame(68) DataManager.saveGame(var68) DataManager.saveGame(var 68) DataManager.saveGame(var = 68)...
  14. Jonforum

    Tips and Tricks on console.log (consoleDebug) [solved]

    What is your advice or trick for the console.log. I have a small problem that makes debugging difficult, especially when I need to get information during an UPDATE process. How do you deal with the debug console during console.log inside a update(LOOP) processes. The only trick I have found is...
  15. Jonforum

    PIXI.Text plugin $gameScreen

    HI, I am looking for a plugin for create and use PIXI.Text  in the $gamescreen Sprite_Picture.prototype of rmmv It would be really great to be able to exploit the PIXI engine to display text and exploit all the parameters that PIXI offers. I do not know if it is possible, but ideally I...
  16. Jonforum

    how to store objects value in var ?

    hi am try to understand a basic notion in JavaScript. If somebody has some clarification. if i has this. //example: i have storing a default permanente array value with a constructor in: $gameSystem.huds.hudsSlot.default = [10,5]; console.log($gameSystem.huds.hudsSlot.default); //...
  17. Helstern

    Can't move when using "Jump to Label"

    Hello! I figure the answer to this is very simple, but I can't seem to find an answer after searching around for it.  I'm trying to play around with skills and common events and found that the "Jump to Label" function is causing my character to freeze in place.  Below are the screenshots of...
  18. Jonforum

    probleme with auto increamentation (++, +=) Operators

    hi am trying make a easy way to auto increase a variable . in this example, so  when i showPicture , the var PID and defxy[1] need to increase after show. Is work good for ++, but not the += function ActionKey(WhatToDo) { var PID = 83; // default PID for actionkey huds var defxy =...
  19. Jonforum

    access to SubObject, self ,Parent Child ? how ?

    Hi, maybe i'm wrong, if some can give me the good ways. How to access to parent property in a sub property ? i try this but my property self return me Windows ?? example: $dataArmors[1].meta.Quest = { self: this, Status: false, SubQ: [{ SelfTest: function...
  20. Jonforum

    Canvas Picture Animation

    hi everybody. I need a plugin to show picture animation in a canvas. But compatible with all @Galv plugin and the Bind Pictures To Map. Is a paid request. I will Paid with paypal And plugin Free to share after paid (no license) plugin similar as  example . This picture...

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