soul gem script

  1. YumiStar

    Soul Gem Life-Like Script Request

    Resource Type: Script Maker Format: RpG Maker XP Art Style: Any Art needed can be added and unique to creator Description: I'll be frank: I am not a scripter and I really appreciate all the people here who can do it. So, I'm asking if maybe someone can make a script for RpG Maker XP, (you...

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i love u so much! i’m so happy you’re in my life right now :kaocry:
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Your new logo is sooooo attractive! Feels like those sour liquid candy mixed with the wrapping of the popping candy rocks ones. ^^ It gives flavor and taste to our eyes. ^^
Sorry I couldn't comment before, I relogged here for someone's B-Day yesterday. ((Yeah yeah... been scared got on the throne and all as usual. Being social seems harder than walking now. So sorry to everyone and especially you.))
How goes the game make?

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