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  1. nio kasgami

    explanation of Sound delay / bug in Editor sound test {not a question}

    I noticed that after cleaning my project these bugs can happen when you test a audio with the sound editor Horrible delay with sound editor crash of sound test {forcing to restart} for the first bug it's could happen because you didn't clean the double sound file MV put in when you create a...

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I'm gonna put my project on pause for a tiny bit so I can explore the engine outside of it... Winging it can only get you so far LMFAO
Have seen some of my favorite people here posting and helping others with questions today -- love to see it!
Haven't been on here actively in awhile, project is going strong my biggest issue is the STORY, i'm refining the plot and learning so much i decided to take a writers class to improve even more but the programming and functionality of the game is stepping up nicely!
Hi everyone! Here's what I'm working on today! It's one of the dorms on campus. I know I said I wouldn't use assets but I reused a few things from the cafeteria hehe.
I added a little squish effect when characters change direction to try and make things a bit more lively. Though it's a bit hard to see on the fast moving guys.

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