sound effects

  1. crackedthesky

    crackedthesky's Hinterland Set (Music, SE, Tiles)

    Hey guys! Since the RPG Maker community has been infinitely helpful to me, I decided from the gate that I would do my best to return the favor and contribute. Basically anything I make for my games will most likely end up being posted for use by others as well. I recently finished and...
  2. Dirge

    Dirge's Free Stuff! (Newest: Animation Pack 1)

    Hey guys! I'm back, with more stuff! My old, legacy VXA stuff is now separated from MV things! Everything I post here is made by me, from scratch, and is free for both commercial and non-commercial use as long as I'm credited. Sound effects pack number one: Eleven shiny new sound...
  3. DomTSVG

    Changing Sounds and Terms for Certain Actors

    Alright. I've got a little request for you scripting peeps out there if you don't mind reading. So, I've got two separate actors from different stories in a game I'm developing, and I'm using custom sounds for their collapse. The trouble is, I want to use a different sound effect for Actor 1's...
  4. Scythuz

    Free mini pack of SFX, Music.

    Hey all!  I've been testing out my ability to combine the sound design elements I can create in a project and here I have the fruits of my labour, which I am freely sharing with the community. OGG File Download Link: Video Showcase: Included in this pack is: Various sound effects...
  5. Ms Littlefish

    Ms Littlefish's Fishbowl of Free Music

    Hello, all of you wonderful game makers! I am Ms Littlefish. You can call me Meg. As one might be able to tell, I make music. I hope you all enjoy and find some of my creations useful to your game projects! Terms for Music Credit: Ms Littlefish and/or Megan Murphy Non-Commercial: Yes...
  6. Battle Element Messages

    I'm designing an RPG with Pokémon elements, and one thing I'm focusing on is messages for elements along with sound effects too. 200% and higher - Super Effective 100% - Normal Effective 50% and lower - Not Very Effective If you have a compatible working script that will do this, present...
  7. Zazu

    Characters with sound effects

    Hi there, in my project I want to have a little farm with animals and stuff. So I added a few event-animals who are walking around randomly. Now I wanted the animals to have sound effects. So i simply just added in the event region: Plays SE for example "Chicken". I ticked "Action Button" and...
  8. [Ace] Help with script calls for this script?

    Hello, I found this wonderful script by FenixFyreX which makes sound effects play when text is displayed in the message window. If possible though, I would like to have the SE change when different characters are speaking, so each character has a different "voice". I know this would be done...
  9. DarkFact

    Sound Effects and Windows 8 with RPGMaker VX

    I have noticed that IGM after moving to windows 8 suddenly had no working sound effects from the main batch of files installed with the engine. Now I noticed the same issue from RPG Maker VX while working with it a bit today. I am betting the solution I found for IGM is the same for RPG Maker. I...
  10. EFizzle

    Clicky-clacky bleep-bloops in my messages!

    We all know that some games make use of sound effects to make it seem like a typewriter is typing out the words on the screen, or that the animal in animal crossing is actually speaking to you, or you just plain hear a beep after you hit enter to move onto the next thing that boring NPC has to...
  11. GothySlothy

    Question regarding Battle start SE

    Is there a way to turn it off in-game? I wish to not have it play during the players encounter with my game boss as it doesn't really fit with the atmosphere. I'm guessing I need to do a script call but I have no idea what it would need to be. So yeah, any help would be great!
  12. Scythuz

    [RESTAFF] Scythuz's Musical Restaff Request thread - adding to the mountain

    Hi there everyone, as some of you are aware, I've been taking part in the monthly resource staff releases as a guest contributor for a few months now.  I primarily contribute music specifically although I have occasionally contributed simple musical/sound effects.  What you might not know is...
  13. Koi

    Sound effect causes walking lag.

    I decided to have puddles in my game make sound whenever stepped on, however, now the character lags while walking on the puddles since it waits till the soundbyte is finished. Is there any way to take away this wait?
  14. Felix_Cross

    Sound Effects and Melodies

    Felix's Storage Deck     This is going to be a little ongoing post for any and all audio resources I come up with in my spare time.   Non-commercial use is allowed for all resources below, please contact me beforehand for commercial use. Sound Effects Battle TransitionCursor - Movement...

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