sound emitting events

  1. TheLemonShadowYT

    [SOLVED] Sound Effect Will Not Stop Despite Having Stop SE

    To put it simply, I have a simple dialogue system in my RPG Maker MV game where a voiceline is played as an SE while the corresponding subtitle is displayed at the bottom of the screen. I have a Stop SE command placed after the text box, so if the player wants to continue to the next dialogue...
  2. Nerine

    Step Sound 1.2.0 - Edit by Nerine

    Gabe MZ - Step Sound 1.2.0 Author: Gabe (Gabriel Nascimento) Edit by Nerine Introduction This plugin allows characters to emit step sounds when walking. Features This edit adds another method of setting the frequency of footsteps that makes the sound occur every n-amount of steps. I've added...
  3. OcRam

    OcRam - Audio_EX plugin (for MV)

    Introduction This plugin comes with dynamic distance fading/auto panning for BGS and SE. Plugin allows multiple BGS at the same time and 2 'static' BGS channels that will play through out scenes (intended for ambient BGS such as rain/wind/storm etc...). Plugin also has BGS/BGM fading...
  4. bladedvoid

    Sound Emitting Events

    Hello. I am developing a cutscene for my game in RMMV, and I think that having this simple script could not only make the cutscene 10x better, but it would also be useful in other areas of the game. I found what I was looking for... in a 4 year old topic, for VX Ace, here. Essentially, it...

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