1. Tell me resources with free sound effects, background music, etc.

    midi, ogg, wav... Not very important
  2. NichnotFound

    New Sounds Section(i found post thread button)

    sorry, i found the post thread button XD anyways, i'm going to dub a game, so it would be really helpful if something like this picture be possible
  3. coucassi

    Coucassi's Creature Sounds

    MV's RTP is somewhat limited when it comes to monster sound effects, so I thought I'd share a few custom ones : ) I made them specifically for some of the classic MV monsters, but of course you can use them for anything else as well. There are sounds for eight monsters, five different sounds for...
  4. Evil95

    Can't get off Vehicle Sound MV

    This script adds a sound if player is on a vehicle and cannot exit from it. If you use it, please add "Evil95" to the credits. Thank you. Updated to 1.2. Save it as Evil95_CantGetVehicleOffSound.js. Many Thanks go to Arthran for optimizing my code.
  5. Evil95

    Can't get off Vehicle Sound MZ

    This script adds a sound if player is on a vehicle and cannot exit from it. If you use it, please add "Evil95" to the credits. Thank you. Updated to 1.2. Save it as Evil95_CantGetVehicleOffSound.js. Many Thanks go to Arthran for optimizing my code.
  6. CloudTheWolf

    [CloudTheWolf] Event Sounds

    Something I recently wanted to add to my project was Event sounds that get louder the closer you were to them. I found ways to do this in Event functions using regions, however this felt clunky and a pain to implement, so I turned to scripts. I couldn't seem to find any that would work so ended...
  7. RicoRob

    RMMV Issue with Triacontane's Item Call Script

    With this plugin one can add script calls to an Item's note box, and those codes will run when the item is used. I'm using it to add custom sounds to each healing item, but the issue is... If an Actor with full HP tries to use the healing item (from the menu), it will be consumed regardless...
  8. Soap4

    Suggestion Access sound test/music player directly from database

    Description of the Feature: I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a button on the corner of the database to open the sound test. It was in RPG Maker 2003 and was pretty handy when spending lots of time in the database. Mockups: Something like this... Why is this feature good? This...
  9. Jomy10

    RMMV Loading SE before playing?

    Hi, I'm currently playing sound effects (long sound effects) like this: let music = { name: "se_name", volume: 100, pitch: 100, pan: 100 }; AudioManager.playSe(se); However, this happpens with a slight delay and I'd like to get rid of this. Is there a way in which I can load an audio file in...
  10. shininblade

    Preferance Poll - Curious.

    Just making a poll, I'm curious what everyone prefers :) p.s - they are A.I voices so it's the best they going to get, also try to guess the voices in the comments ;D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sound Example ...
  11. omnaeon

    RMMZ dialogue sound plug-in

    I am looking for a plug-in that will produce dialogue sound as text appears on screen for MZ. Does anyone know of any that works with MZ?
  12. Tea++

    Proximity sound events

    TEA_proximitySound V1.0 This plugin allows the user to include events that emit sounds based on the proximity and position of the player. To use proximity sound: Add the event command "proximity sound" to a parallel event. Event ID = Assign the event you want to be the epi center of the...
  13. Puffer

    RMMZ FMOD Engine integration for RPG Maker MV/MZ

    Audio is no doubt one of the most important aspect, yet often get overlooked so much. RPG Maker audio system for many years have always just "work", it play audio, change volume,pitch, etc. It get the job done, but it doesn't offer much stuff. Many game nowaday have adaptive audio that changed...
  14. Platinum_CRuX

    Lofi/Retro/'Chiptune' System Sound Effects [Free/Any use]

    Hi all, recently I started creating a retro-styled RPG, and felt that the system sound effects (cursor, decision, buzzer, etc.) provided in RPG MV/MZ were a bit too modern for my tastes. So, I took the vanilla MZ system effects and ran them through a bit crusher & limiter to create a fresh set...
  15. ovate

    Message Sound Effect [MV & MZ] - Dialogue Blip

    MPP_MessageSE - 2021/01/18 (ver. 1.1) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Add the function to sound SE to [Show text] Note: This plugin is for RPG Maker MV and MZ. [Show text] control characters: \SE[n] Change letter SE to n / 0 with no SE Plugin command details - In MV, the variable N...
  16. FlipFlapProductions

    No menu sound effects.

    I recently reinstalled windows on my pc. When I launched my project and playtested, no menu sound effects would play. No cursor movement, select, load, etc. Bgm works fine but for some reason those sound effects don't play. There have been no changes to the js file and all of the custom sounds I...
  17. ramza

    [BUG?] RMMZ Sound output and windows 10

    Good evening. I've been messing a bit with RMMZ over the past few days, and I found an interesting bug. Well, at least part of it is a bug. I'm not sure if one part is actually intended or not, so here goes. The feature?: In windows 10, with the default sound output of my computer set to my...
  18. thecursedcometh

    Help For Finding A Similar Sound (Video Example)

    I'm looking for a sound similar to the move by this boss in Persona 5. Not exactly the same, but that similar sort of lightning bolt / explosion type sound. I find that the default lightning sounds in RM lack a real impact I'm looking for. Problem is, I've had some trouble finding something...

    Event Issues RMMV

    Hi, I'm having and event issues where the SE and BGS's are not playing, anyone have any ideas? I'm stumped.
  20. PARCB

    PixiJS Sound in RPG Maker MV

    Maybe it's strange to ask this... or maybe is already asked. I want to know if we can add PixiJS Sound API (https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-sound) support to the current PixiJS API that already exists in \js\libs folder in every RPG Maker MV game. This is in order to open mp3 music in-game.

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