1. VitaliaDi

    MOG Chrono - Remove Sound on Event [Resolved]

    I can't figure out how to make it stop. There is no sound call in the event itself, but it seems to happen whenever I touch or interact with an event with text in a map. Something as simple as this will play the Item3 sound. I'm using MOG's Chrono/ABS battle system plugins I've tracked the SE...
  2. Brave_Hero

    (RMMV) I need a help whit the music formats! Pls

    (SOLVED) Hello everyone!! I'm developing my biggest project, this project is 1 year old and i'm very proud! So i need a help with the music formats, the musics are made in mp3 format, and i'm very confuse whit this... Because i never tested how it works. My question is: Can my musics be...
  3. Lonewulf123

    Sound file editing?

    Please forgive me if this is the incorrect forum, but I’m looking for a little bit of sound help. I’m working with some sound effect files, but the base sound effects are too soft. I want to make the sounds louder, so they fit the sound effects I’m already using in my game. That way turning the...
  4. huda

    Piano sound

    hey everyone! On my project, the player can click on the piano and two choices will be shown: if yes, it will play a piano sound and if no it won't. The thing is, when they click yes the piano sound will keep playing even when they leave the room. I want the sound to stop the moment they leave...
  5. Gosu_Games

    RMMV GoSu Arena (Battle Arena RPG)

    https://gamejolt.com/games/GosuArena/400532 Lost in the void... You are sent to the GoSu Arena. Choose between Paladin, Mage and Rogue to battle monsters and level your way up to the top of the arena. The only way to escape is to defeat the god of this void... GoSu. -Battle to level 99...
  6. Ganimate

    How to make a hoover sound

    Hi friends!! I'm working on a project I want to share with this community to get some feedback, but first, there are a couple of details I want to polish. Is there a way to make a hoover sound over hotspots for an options menu? That's so important for the feel of the games!!! Any ideas on how...
  7. ovate

    Save BGS

    Save BGS - 2018/08/05 (Ver.1.0) Creator name: kido0617 Overview Use the following script call to save or replay bgs: to Save BGS- $game_system.save_bgs to Replay BGS: $game_system.replay_bgs Installation Paste this script above Main...
  8. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Different Attack Animations For Different Actors.

    So In the game Mother 3 each character plays a separate instrument when they attack. I wan't to do something like that in my game, is there a way to give specific actors different attack animations via script?
  9. Yaron89

    Train Whistle

    x.x This took me forever to make!! I had to use 2 different editing tools to get it just right. The original instrument used for this (yes omg an instrument!) was a pan flute. Used Rytmik to get the sound clip lower, then I used audacity to get it to be just the way it needed to be. It's...
  10. MushroomCake28

    MUSH: Sound Manager Module

    Introduction: This is going to be a simple, yet cool plugin. This plugin allows you to modify the game's sound effects (talking about the one you set in the database, like the cursor, the confirmation SE, cancel SE, etc.) in the middle of the game via a simple plugin command. Note: I didn't...
  11. heyimzel

    Sound Effect Stops (Cut Off) When Next Text is Shown

    Hello. I am looking for a way to have a sound effect stop when you move to the next text. For example, I have some voice lines that play when text appears, so it seems like someone is talking: My only problem is that I want it to be cut off if the player happens to skip the dialogue, so...
  12. Cah

    Overworld creature cries

    I'm making an ABS game, and I would like it to have overworld creature cries similar to how Pokemon Sun/Moon has the cries of the local Pokemon on the overworld. Essentially what I would like to happen is when the player goes to a new map all the currently spawned creature events will play...
  13. Geoff Moore

    ♪♫ Geoff's Game Music Corner ♫♪

    Hey everyone! I'm not sure why I've never made a thread in this subforum since these boards are where I got started making game music, but there's no time like the present! I'll be posting some music from RPGs and other games, and some made just for fun. Let's start with a recent Chrono-Trigger...
  14. Yitzi Litt

    how to use Audio API in MV plugin?

    How would I access the Web Audio API in an RPGMMV plugin? Specifically, I want to have a given Boolean variable turn on whenever the audio level in a BGM track reaches a given point, allowing me to then have onscreen actions "react" to the music. This should be possible, but I haven't seen...
  15. Hyouryuu-Na

    Stealth system using sound?

    Edit: I found the solution to this problem. Thread can be closed now ^^
  16. ovate

    New Game Sound Effect

    NewGameSe - Version 1.1.0 (2018/11/23) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Plays a certain sound effect when New Game is selected. Features - You can select a sound effect through a parameter - Settings for adjusting: volume, pitch, and pan - Optional sound effect for Continue Credit and...
  17. DSBwizzard

    Help with adding "Low Health" alert

    Hello all, I am working on a project and would like some of the community's help figuring this one out. My goal is to have a sound effect fire off any time an actor's HP drops to, or below, a set threshold - maybe 25% - as a warning to the player. This warning sound would not sound off again...
  18. ovate


    SaveBGS - 2018/06/19 (Ver.1.0) Creator name: kido0617 Overview Able to save or resume BGS with a plugin command Features - It's possible to save/ replay BGS - Short code Plugin Command- To save BGSSaveBGS Resume BGSReplayBGS Plugin preview-...
  19. Tamsyn548

    Looking for sound effects.

    Hello! :kaohi: I am looking for sound effects for my game. These are not menu sounds. I mean skill sounds. Like, gunshots, cannons, scratches, sword slashes, etc. Anything like that. Especially stuff for a sci-fi game. Any sounds at all you know of that would be good, please tell me! :kaojoy:
  20. ovate

    Trb - EquipSound

    EquipSound - Version 1.00 Creator name: Trb Overview Allows you to add a Sound Effect/ Music Effect when equipping items. Features - You can add a message text window while the sound plays. - Can be used by using following tags in the Note field for Equipment. Play SE for equipment <equipSE...

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