1. Mace

    How do I make a character say something when he attacks?

    (sorry if this is in the wrong section) I guess this is a simple noob quetion. I wanted to make my character say something when he evades, attacks and defends (like in many RPG's). ( I have the sound files) Can you guys help me out?
  2. RPG Maker Vx Ace. No sound from SE and BGS.

    Im having an issue in my rpg maker vx ace where none of my SE and BGS work except for the audio ive imported. This is very frusterating because my game has no se and bgs. I have checked some of the SE that doesnt work and when I open it I dont hear anything so maybe theres an issue with my audio...
  3. Chaosmarine125

    Sound Issue

    Hello, I'm having issues with sound playing, when I load up someone already created game to play, no sound is playing. The game itself runs fine and the controls work as should. It just that no sound at all is playing which includes title screen/gameplay/BG music etc... Anyone can help me...
  4. Percid

    (MV) Looking for MEs.

    I am making a fantasy RPG something akin to Breath of Fire and Suikoden. Now, I'd like MEs. I would like one, particularly for character recruitment. Short. Magical. Strings if possible. If you have played Suikoden, you know that when you recruit a character, a short ME plays. It sounds like...
  5. tale

    Level Up Sound Effect

    YME_LevelUpSe - Jan 14, 2016 Creator name: Yumineko Overview Plays a sound effect when level up Features - Sound effect is played when level up where the text is displayed. (battle included) - Short code length. Put the name of the sound file as a value for "SE Name" parameter. Note: For a...
  6. Kaimen

    Kaimen's Music Box~

    Hello there and welcome to my little box of music! Some of you may actually know me already and yes, I did have another thread in here before. However, I was so sloppy at updating it and keeping it nice that I decided to basically nuke it and start over with a new, better-looking topic. So here...
  7. Sound effect stops BGM

    In a common event I have a sound effect play, but when it does, its stops the BGM. The common event in question is itself called from another common event. I have done tests and found that in a normal event, the bgm and sound affect can occur simultanioously. It is only in the common events...
  8. tylerash

    Way to give enemies unique attack sounds?

    I'm currently using Yep's Animated SVE enemies and am enjoying it a lot. But I want to give unique sounds to different enemies when they hit the player, rather than just the generic attack sound that always plays. Is there a plugin that can do this or something?
  9. wzackw

    Advanced Manipulation of Sound Effects

    So, I'm wondering if it is possible to do a few things with sound effects: 1) Could I play a long (multi-second) sound effect for footsteps, but cut it off when the player stops walking? (Instead of repeating one short sound each time the player takes a step.) 2) If I were to repeat one short...
  10. Importing sound issue

    So I need a phoenix sound for my game (personal use) and I found one off the internet and downloaded it. I saved it as .ogg but the sound won't play when I try to add it to attacks. Does anyone know why this might be happening?
  11. Maliki79

    Maliki's Master Volume ver 1.0

    Maliki's Master Volume ver 1.1a Features: This Plugin allows devs to utilize a single slider for all 4 sound profiles. This Master volume could either be set along with the music and sound sliders, or as a stand-alone setting that will control all sounds simultaneously. Howto: This...
  12. Simple Sound Script

    How do I play a sound with just the basic scripts? Do I have to do it all in the script databank or can I create a seperate script in the event manager? Im completely new to scripting btw.
  13. Damaris

    Audio Looping using Metadata tags.

    Ever wonder how the default RPG maker music loops? It's pretty simple, but in spite of looking I have never seen anyone explain it on the forums. RMMV (And AFAIK most other makers) are designed to read STARTLOOP and LOOPLENGTH tags in an audio files metadata. I'll be using a small piece of open...
  14. TheLegendOfWolf

    Change Menu Open and Close sound

    Yes, in the system tab you can select what sound to play when handling 'OK' and 'Cancel'. I know this is a way to change the sounds. But I would like to have independent sounds, so that opening the menu has its very own sound. And closing the menu too. For example: I want the menu to have...
  15. tale

    Sound Effects Pack [ogg] (THE MATCH-MAKERS)

    1) THE MATCH-MAKERS (*This web site are written in Japanese.) 2) I got permission to copy the sound files. (here at RPG Maker Web Forums) 3) User must read and agree "readme_EN.txt" (inside zip) if they want to use the sound effects. Credit...
  16. Bellfoi

    HOW TO: several sound effects in a row?

    Hi guys! I've got a little problem with sound effects. I want the character to knock on the door three times, and so I have put @> Play SE: 'Knock', 80, 100 three times in a row, but when I playtest it, it only plays one knocking sound. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  17. MurphySlaw

    SE Interval/Pausing

    Hey guys! I'm working on implementing stepping sounds in my game. I used Syndicate's tutorial to implement a solution using Yanfly's region ID solution, which works great so far! Now, my only problem is that I use custom animations, which gives my character very clearly discernible steps...
  18. Jenovation

    Footstep SFX during Cutscenes and for NPC's/Events.

    Hello fine people! I'm inquiring about footstep sounds in RPGMaker MV. I am currently using (as many others I presume) Yanfly's Region Events plugin to add footstep sounds to the game. (Common Event, Randomise Variable, Play SE,etc...) However the Common Events are only triggered by...
  19. RicoRob

    How to lower all sounds at once?

    There's the option to lower bgm, bgs, SE and ME individually... but is there a plugin that allows you to lower all of them at once? Thanks in advance!
  20. mcphersonsound

    Audio Post Production software

    If you are working on your game and you are working with original sound effects, or you got some buddies to do some voice acting for you, may I direct your attention to this software as a alternative to audacity. Nothing against audacity, its a great free software, but it does have its short...

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