1. estriole


     ■ Information      ╒═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╛ #============================================================================== # EST - [Z - ENCRYPTER] #============================================================================== # Author  : Estriole # Version ...
  2. MiBa

    MiBa's Music Shop!

    Hi all. I'm offering my service to you in exchange for credits in-game. I need more experience, so please request something. :) Samples:
  3. Nick van Kleef

    Nick van Kleef - Creating music and sound for your games

    Dear Game Designers and RPG Makers,  My name is Nick van Kleef and I am a music composer and sound designer. I currently study Music and Sound Composition for Adaptive Systems at the HKU in the Netherlands.  I love game audio and would like to work with you on projects you want to share! I...
  4. Eatos

    Remove sound effect before battle

    I would like to know how is it possible to remove the sound effect before the battle. I mean that short sound effect that starts with the battle transition and then stops. Thanks in advance!
  5. How do you guys decide what general volume to use?

    Okay, Ace music and sound is far louder than normal custom content. I generally operate with my laptop volume at the lowest setting with headphones on to play Ace. But then there are volume control scripts. But that controls volume for all sound effects or bgm. So how do I work volume in a way...
  6. Jericho Swain

    Change Main Menu Sound

    Hi is there a script that allows me the change the Main Menu sounds ? I want to change the sounds when I move my cursor up and down the New Game, Continue, and End Game.
  7. shiori4me

    Dynamic Music Control? (start at certain parts of a song, able to use a variable, etc?)

    It isn't possible to play music at a certain second/etc of the song. You can run a variable that ups every 30 frames, yes, to count where you were in the song, but still, no way to use that variable. The only way to have a song play then fade silent then play back to a certain point in the song...
  8. whitesphere

    Sound effects resource packs?

    I have seen a wide selection of excellent background and battle music.  But what I haven't found is a good collection of sound effects.   What I'd like to see, which would be licensed for commercial or non-commercial use would be in-game effects like: - A beastial roar - A sword clang - An...
  9. Change speed of sound and sound effects?

    Is there a way to change the speed at which a music or sound effect plays?
  10. The Bird King

    Voice sound when text is drawn?

    Is there a script that would play a sound as text is being drawn on the screen, something similar to ds and gameboy rpgs where a mumble plays when characters talk, in the characters voice.
  11. Sir X

    Sir X´s Soundtracks

    Hiho ^^ I`d like to introduce to you: my Soundtracks! (Who would´ve thought me telling you this :P ) I will post them via Soundcloud and in case you like them, I will give them free for downloading and using for free too. ^^ By starting this topic there are only 3 loops available, 2 short...
  12. neoscully

    SE volume change over distance

    Introduction This little script calculate the distance between an event and the player and the volume for a sound that can be played by that event. Features - Friendly little helper   How to Use Simple put a call script command in your event. In my example I use a cat as an event that randomly...
  13. Hahn Deathspark

    In need of Artists or Spriters, or whoever that can draw!

    I am looking for a spriter who can: - Work with me until the end of the game. - Make replies at least once a week? ( Don't worry, I shall always update you too, I'm the active type, talks a lot =3) - Never betray. (Example: If you tell me, "I think you should find someone else, I can't do this...
  14. BadMinotaur

    Hacking away at the Audio module

    Hello everyone. There's a small story to this request for help: I'm working on a commercial project, and my musician is (understandably) very concerned about how music files don't get shoved into the encrypted archive with everything else. Thankfully, he's not particularly picky about...
  15. How to disable sound

    Hi VX Ace Community, Is there any way to disable the sound in-game? Maybe in when the escape (pause) button is pressed? Is there a script to be added for this function? Or is the game only muted through the volume buttons in Windows? Thanks! 
  16. Jonesstoke

    some new soundtracks "underwater research" n "Spirit Canyon"

    Hey  iv been away for a while working on some things but iv just finished another bit of work, and iv uploaded 2 tracks onto soundcloud here are the links.... Spirit Canyon .... Underwater Research Facility...
  17. Usagi

    USAGI's RPG Music Pack

    Hello, I'm sharing my music resources to the community for free use. All the songs are hosted on my account and most of them are ready-to-use loops in MP3 format. Keep in mind; these songs were composed specifically for RPG Maker projects and specifically for this community only...
  18. Aaron Krogh

    RPG Music Pack - Free Commercial Use

    Friends, I'm sharing my background music resources for free use, including commercial use. There's no need to ask for my permission to use these, but please include me in your projects' credits with my full name, Aaron Krogh. You may download my entire free music collection up to...

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