1. woop

    Share your favorite Hidden Gem Game OSTs

    What are some of your favorite games that have amazing sound tracks, but usually fly under the radar or you never see mentioned? I'm a sucker for any game that utilized the VRC6 chip for NES games (Castlevania 3 JP version is a great example, its my all time favorite NES OST). Here are a few...
  2. Happy

    Join in the creation of RMN Music Pack 2

    Greetings to all fans of video game music, composers and game developers! We have started a VGM collaboration called RMN Music Pack 2 over at, our goal being to create an extensive album of video game music for everyone to listen to and to use in their game projects and other media...
  3. FFT style music

    Hello. Looking for a music pack that can be used in a game commercially that sounds similar to the Final fantasy Tactics ost. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  4. Gosu_Games

    RMMV GoSu Arena (Battle Arena RPG) Lost in the void... You are sent to the GoSu Arena. Choose between Paladin, Mage and Rogue to battle monsters and level your way up to the top of the arena. The only way to escape is to defeat the god of this void... GoSu. -Battle to level 99...
  5. Karbonic

    NashBored is now on Steam! Only $0.99!

    Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen! Higher Beings! Today we will be exploring the mind of a young roboticist named Nash! Let's hope we find something entertaining! NashBored is an RPG taking place in a world of strange, twisted thoughts and demented nightmares. Follow Nash as she is sent...
  6. Jordan_Winslow

    The Complete Guide to Free Commercial Use Music & SFX That Don't Suck!

    So you're a filmmaker entering post-production on your film, a game developer working on music and audio triggers or perhaps a YouTuber wanting to enhance your videos. You need SFX and a music soundtrack but you might not have the budget to hire a professional composer or audio engineer. The...
  7. m_m_beta

    Retro RPG Music Pack

    Terms of Use Credit: Venomsoar Non-Commercial: Free. Commercial: Free. Repost: Yes. Edits: You are able to modify and edit the music. This is a collection of retro style rpg music using midi instruments. The pack is split into two parts. Contains cave music, battle themes both normal...
  8. mariosello1

    SERVICE Music Composer looking for Projects

    Hi! My name is Mario Sello Nuñez and I’m a music composer and producer for games, films, commercial and media. Now I’m looking for projects to work with! I'm very versatile in terms of genres of music, my strengths are: - Rock/Metal - Pop/Electronic - Orchestral - Rap/Hip Hop - Funk/Soul/Jazz...
  9. Allinardo

    I Make Video Game Music -- For Free(Usually)

    I can make music for you too, if you so desire. Here's some of my work. In 2017 I released two albums, you can listen to them here: I work in a variety of styles, and always coming up with new ideas. I've made some chiptune, adventure, battle, horror, atmospheric, industrial, and a small...
  10. Frosty_Games_

    FREE Musical Artist Looking to Compose a Game Soundtrack

    Skills Offered: Music/Entire Soundtrack. Music Samples: I mostly do electronic and ambient stuff, but any genre is ok. If you're interested please DM me here or on discord: Frostix#9892
  11. Musician searching a team

    Skills Offered: Musician, Composer, can work with music references and temp music Samples: I'm a composer. Really good making hooks, melodys, fast orchestration and arrangements. Hope we can work together :D
  12. zebby

    Zebby's Soundtrack Corner

    Hey-o! Zebestian here with some music to share! I've been composing for a little over four years now and I wanna show you what I've made so far and what I'm capable of. I'm also planning on making these available as resources at some point later on. I'll make sure to let you know and post...
  13. Chris_Pitre

    Backwards compatible music?

    I should probably elaborate. I want to start a new project, usually I have no interest in making something with any intention of posting it online. But I'm curious this time, thing is, I had an idea and I'm not sure if it's fair play or not. So, as the title suggests, it's about the soundtrack...
  14. Parallax Panda

    Minimum size of a soundtrack when you're on a budget?

    Introduction rant (feel free to skip this part) I often hear how people say you shouldn't use the RTP tileset because it's done to death, and I get that. But what I would consider to be even more damaging for a game than the pre-packed graphics is using the pre-packed music. And unlike the...
  15. Rubescen

    Rubescen's Tiles and Sprites (updated Nov 2020)

    These are Tiles and Sprites from various projects I've made that I either didn't use or am not planning to reuse, and figured I'd make available for others. Autumn Tiles (B ) Abyss Tiles (A1, A3, A4, A5, and B ) Character Sprites: [/SPOILER]
  16. Prescott

    My game's soundtrack is on Bandcamp!

    To get something out of the way: Unfortunately, I cannot share screenshots/video at this time because while the game is pretty far along, the artwork really isn't. You can, however, check out the website for more info here: What I will tell you is that it is a 2D open world...
  17. Isabella Ava

    Melody G.Piano Soundtrack

    Well, i made a random song in this rainy morning :p So lets call it "Rainy Morning" track Feel free to use for Non-commercial or commercial game but you are required to credit me :)
  18. Kaimen

    Kaimen's Music Box~

    Hello there and welcome to my little box of music! Some of you may actually know me already and yes, I did have another thread in here before. However, I was so sloppy at updating it and keeping it nice that I decided to basically nuke it and start over with a new, better-looking topic. So here...
  19. Orb

    Your top 5 video game soundtracks/themes

    The kind of music I always listen to is, mostly, instrumentals. When studying, reading, or working, music always helps me to focus, find inspiration, or relax, and video game music is not an exception to this rule. Share with us your top 5 video games themes of all times (include a link if...
  20. Emberstorm

    Fantasy Musica - Completely Free Soundtrack (55 tracks!)

    Hi everyone !!! For too long I've been holding onto some of the old music tracks that I've composed but never sold, or used in my own game. I've decided that it's time for me to pay back the game development communities and release my old soundtracks for free! I have scraped up 55 different...

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