1. Comparison between 2003 and VX

    Hello, I just want to know between these version. Besides of graphic and pricing, which one is better? The Game I want to made it will use lots of event. Is 2003 better because of retro style and standard option, and also lots of resource that I found in charas project website. Or VX with maybe...
  2. RoseofElandil

    Iconset Source?

    Hello, My apologies if it's the wrong thread...I've been seeing these icons on the web a long time ago, I think I had the impression it's free to use but now I'm not sure and Googling didn't help much in my case. Can I ask if someone knows who made these icons, and how are their terms of use...
  3. ZirconStorms

    Enhanced Camera script - Jitter error

    There's this awful sprite jitter effect that occurs when the player keeps sprinting for more than 10-20 or so tiles (vertically or horizontally, in a straight line only) and when the movement grid isn't 32 (I tried with 4,8, and 16 - all of them seem to have the same issue). The effect gets very...
  4. AdamSakuru

    Does anyone know the source of this MIDI?

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/1mwkn7t3xmx262k/BGM_-_Battle_-_Default01.MID/file Years ago, I heard this BGM/MIDI in a Hanzo Kimura project trailer. I liked the music and somehow came across the MIDI for it around the time I'd heard it in the trailer. But I actually can't even find the trailer...
  5. Nightblade50

    Problems with Skip Cutscene script

    I am using a script to skip cutscenes. http://rpgmakersource.com/freebies/systems/cutscene-skip/ I set up the script correctly, but when I skip the cutscene, this happens. How do I fix this? And in case it wasn't clear, I am using VX Ace.
  6. Vito The Boss Free Map! (.zip) (Count of Maps: 30!)

    Hi, everyone! This is a new topic, since the last one was closed. But I realized my mistake, and now I will share my maps, as a .zip file. As always, if you want to support me, you can do by: content removed
  7. Vito The Boss Free Map! (Count of Maps: 20!)

    Hi, everyone! I'm Vito The Boss, and since there aren't many free maps for us to use, I decided to create someone...so...here it goes! If you want to support me, you can do by: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZJuk9tNXoNFWx87kqchM3Q I also do tutorial on Youtube. This Map...
  8. Solistra

    SES Lexicon (Browse script source in-game.)

    SES Lexicon v1.2 by Solistra and Enelvon Introduction This script provides information and browsing capabilities for all of the RGSS3 scripts that are present in the RPG Maker VX Ace Script Editor. Script source code may be browsed and paginated in-game with the use of a REPL (such as the SES...
  9. MusicWizard

    Moving NPC with Light Source.

    Hello fellow RPG Maker game developers. I got a question but i am not sure i am in the right part of the forum. Anyways. I am trying to get an NPC and MOB that are moving around as an Event to have an light source that follows them while they are moving around in random. How to make it work...

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