1. LinkRPG

    Advice about space

    Any advice so that the project does not take up a lot of space? I plan to do quite a bit, and I would not want the game to take up a lot of space when installing :)
  2. l8rose

    VNMaker Verloren: Starcrossed

    In Space, no one can hear you cry... or something like that. You've been chosen as a replacement Mechanic for the Orion. A starship engaging in a diplomatic mission to the Akeh Space Station in the Canis Major System. All was going well, you entered cryo sleep in a backup cryo chamber and...
  3. mardin

    RMMZ Top down orthographic sprite that turns to destination! Possible?

    I looked in my asset library today and found a pack with spaceships. I will post a picture here so that you know what I am talking about: In most other engines, something like a space shooter is the first thing that you learn, so assets like this are popular and there are a lot of good...
  4. Journey_Sticks

    "Project Robo-Gen" Robotic generator parts

    This is a very ambitious undertaking, but I am attempting to fully repopulate the generator with robot bits and pieces. I am creating some from scratch, some are edits to rtp content. I will be posting some of them here just to see how much interest there is. These are to be credited to Kadakowa...
  5. tale

    com_sho Obscure Battlebacks

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting battlebacks that I edited from scenic parallaxes here. Battlebacks types are swapped. Could fit for fantasy scenery, sci-fi/ space, horror/ psychological, natural Two sizes are available: 1000x740 and 580x444 Note: Some battlebacks might not...
  6. Black Pagan

    Need ideas for Futuristic Classes

    The Game's setting takes place in the Future, When Humans have colonized other Planets and have reached the few Nearest Stars. A Spaceship accidentally crash lands on a mysterious Alien Planet with you (The Player). Your job is to head out, Fix the Spaceship by finding materials from the Alien...
  7. Nekohime1989

    Nekohime's Space Art

    I've always enjoyed drawing space scenes in in gimp. I decided I would post some. I generally work with a big canvas. So I will use spoiler tags for each image.
  8. rrrllll

    RMMV Tactics Game - THE DRONES , fire emblem and FFT style battles

    Hello everyone. So this is the first game DEMO I have made with rpg maker -- The Drones. Update: -Renewed the character sprites, since I think tall sprites look so much better. -Minor change to dialogues. -Will replace the tilesets later on as the project continues. Synopsis: The game is a FF...
  9. tale

    com_sho Sci-Fi Inside Tileset

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets image here. Preview- Tileset- SF Inside SF Tile SF Wall Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use them - You can use this however you like (including commercial game) x You can not sell the material by itself - No need to...
  10. Tw0Face


    Many of us already wanted to reach out for the stars or just looked desperately into the starry sky, wondering what might be out there. Do you still know how you wanted to become an astronaut as a child? LISS (acronym for Lost in Space Simulator) will make your long-awaited dream come true...
  11. CalebW

    Looking for planet tiles for MV

    Resource Type: Tiles {World tiles} Maker Format: MV Art Style: Ace RTP, Mack, LPC, Cartoony, Realistic, Artist's original, ect. Description: I am trying to make a universal world map. I want to have at least 10-12 different colored and designed planets, that I can mix and match so that on...
  12. GatoradePony

    Plugin for "Spaceship" Movement

    I don't know if there is a specific name for "spaceship movement", but what I'm reffering to is when you press left or right the character turns, with 8 directions for the character "Ship" sprite. When you press forward you accelerate at a constant rate until you reach maximum velocity. Star...
  13. Quanee

    Battle windows padding

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to decrease padding between skill/item/magic etc. choices on on my battle screen. Space between them is currently a little too wide, but I can't find an option in any of the plugins I own. Below I'm attaching pics of my plugins list + a pic of what I'm exactly looking for.
  14. flynnmichael81

    RMMV Expansion - Winner of the Dreamhack Austin Jam

    Expansion was made in ten days for the Dreamhack Austin Games Jam. It was selected as one of the winners and will now be shown at Dreamhack this year! It is made in RPG Maker MV! You can download it here! It is a strategy game played on a board of 3200 squares which represent the/a galaxy...
  15. flynnmichael81

    Colony Prospector [STEAM]

    GET IT ON STEAM version 1 Price $4.99 Engine: RMMV “Colonisation failed… Un-aesthetic environment played a pivotal role. The colony survived nearly seven years before a serial killer claimed her first victims, thirteen more soon followed. After she was caught, and publicly killed, there was a...
  16. Aramil

    VNMaker Memoria

    [ Hello everyone, I’m Aramil the developer of Memoria a text adventure game set in an unknown future. You are Adam, a guy who lost his memory after an incident involving his cryogenic pond. Memoria is a playable, branching story of survival against riddles and choices. Your crew is still...
  17. AcetheSuperVillain

    Space Survival Rogue-like?

    So I've been playing space survival rogue-like games lately, like FTL, Prospector and Into the Stars, and I'm wondering about making something like that in RPG Maker MV. I also like the MMO Star Trek Online, which isn't survival oriented, but I think it's a cool way to do a space RPG. I'm...
  18. sura_tc

    RMMV Two Clusters - Kain 1.0.0

    ➡ Website This is probably the most ambitious project from me. Reason being is that most of art assets, including tileset, are being created by me instead of purchasing ready-made assets. What that means is that development is much, much, slower. This is a sci-fi game where the year is set in...
  19. iorn

    I've been working on this little project {Click here to learn more}

    Links to projects here: https://iornsama.tumblr.com/ qzt.weebly.com The tumblr pretty much states why I made the weebly and I'm not really sure I can say anything else, that would be considered important but I'm going to try regardless. When I was younger about 15-16 I used to read through...
  20. DMIgames

    Fragments of Genesis

    Trailer: About: A sci-fi adventure game filled with puzzles, mystery and a little bit of humor. Story: An evil plot to escape a desolate planet brings together the unfortunate few who were cast aside. Try the Alpha! http://fragmentsofgenesis.com/game/download/ Steam Greenlight...

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