1. remainderstudios

    Problem with any Spawn Event scripts on RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hi I have a very frustrating error using spawn event scripts. It doesn't matter which event spawn script i used, Galvs, EST - DECOR AND BUILD v1.2, Yanfly, etc. Either of these scripts has a fatal error and I was unable to fix. 1. I spawn a seed (previously created in another map with...
  2. JayIsrael

    Galv's Event Spawner

    Though this plugin would work for my needs, installed it, turned it on, did as instructed and created a new map for just spawned events. I placed an event on this map that I was hoping to spawn, put a script call on the map that I was hoping to spawn to, following what I thought were the...
  3. TheObermotz1

    How to randomly spawn Events in a certain region ID?

    I wanted to know, if there is a way to make Events spawn randomly in a certain region ID. By that I mean, they can spawn on any tile, as long as the tile is within a certain region ID. In my game, I want the monsters to spawn in the overworld where the player can see them and fight/avoid them...
  4. Spawn animal multiple times?

    I'm totally new to RPG maker and I've been searching for some help on figuring out how to make a working breeding system for animals, because I'm a huge fan of farming games.  I haven't been able to find much so far. I've managed to set up a "breeding system" common event where I can talk to one...
  5. Skunk

    (Help) I am trying to create a spawnable vehicle using events

    Hey guys. I am working on a project at the moment and am trying to figure out how to use events to create a flying vehicle that you can spawn using an item. Im making it so you when you use "orb", an orb literally shows up beside/over top of you and you can fly around the map in it. I...
  6. Otto

    A small help with falcao's pearl abs

    hi ^^ i'm testing the latest version of falcao pearl ABS (i suppose it's fairly famous amongst vxa users so i assume you know what i'm talkin about :P ) so far pretty awesome, i just need some help with a couple of features, so here are my questions: 1- Is there a way to make enemies...
  7. Mr. Trivel

    Rare Enemies

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Rare Enemies Created: 2015-10-26 Version: 1.1   What does it do? Adds a chance of encountering rare versions of enemies.   How to use? It requires two commands used in enemy note fields: <re_id: X> - ID of rare enemy <re_chc...
  8. SilverDash

    Randomize Events

    Event Chance v1.10 (for advanced RM-users) Author: Squirting Elephant About: Erases or switches the self-switches of marked events on the map (automatically). Example: you have 4 towns but you only want the player to have 1 random town (out of those 4) per play-through, then you can mark them...
  9. Malagar

    Galv's Random Loot v1.4

    Hi, First things first: This script was not written by me, it's a script by Galv. I got his permission to slightly modify and re-distribute the script with some minor adjustments. Original credit goes to Galv, I merely did some tiny changes. You can find the most recent script version (1.4)...
  10. Yanfly Engine Ace - Spawn Event v1.00 - Problems

    Hello, first I would like to apologize in case a posted in the wrong section, second, english is not my first language.   My current situation is this one:   I trying to make a the sims alike game, and for the buy mode, I have managed to make the objects go around in game acording to the player...
  11. Spawn from Another Map, it needs Separate Self Switches

    I need a spawn script that creates instances with separate ids and separate self switches.  I tried Yanfly Engine Ace - Spawn Event v1.00.  It's easy to use and I like being able to take them from another map but, the problem with it is that if a self switch is turned on in one spawn it affects...
  12. Event Call/Spawn Script

    I found a little line of code  $game_map.events[evID].moveto(x, y) this acts like the event command 'set event location', I put it in an event with a conditional branch so that when I pressed a certain button it move an event right next to the hero. This got me thinking, could you make a...

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