1. Targeting a specific Ally

    Hi Everyone, I am using Yanfly Scripts and i would like one of my skill to target only a specific ally. I know that i have to use the formula <Custom Target Eval> in notetag, but then i am terrible with Javascript and i realy don't know what can come next. I just want this ability to work...
  2. AdamSakuru

    Clear specific cached images (MV Version 1.6.2)

    How is this done? I cannot find any results when I look around. This was the script call I used to use. But it doesn't work in 1.6.2. ImageManager.cache._inner["img/pictures/ACCESS.png:0"].free() Edit: I already know you can clear the entire cache with "ImageManager.clear()" but I want to know...
  3. AdamSakuru

    Tomoaky's Jump Action (only on specific maps)

    https://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/plugin/jump_action.html https://www.indiexpo.net/en/games/rpg-maker-mv-platformer Is it possible to edit this plugin to use in a project where it only makes specific maps function as platform levels? Meaning that when not on specific maps this plugin does not...
  4. atoms

    Yanfly's Steal & Snatch. Is Specific Items Only Possible? (Enable/Disable, Perhaps?)

    Hi there I am planning to use http://yanfly.moe/2016/02/05/yep-66-steal-snatch/ Plugin. I was just wondering, is it possible to make a certain class with a Snatch skill able to Snatch only specific items instead of any item? I thought it may be possible with Lunatic Mode and other Yanfly...
  5. Psychronic

    Items and Skills That Only Heal Certain Classes?

    I am having an issue in my game where I am trying to make it so that some healing items only heal certain classes (or will only heal certain characters too would work). I am wondering if there's a plugin to do this or whether it's done with common events. I've tried with common events but it has...
  6. Balot

    Add specific buff to specific weapon

    Is there any way to add a specific buff to the weapon that is equiped by a character, so that it stays in the weapon even if the weapon is unequipped? For example, let's say that I have a Poison Vial and use in a character to add Poison Attack to the weapon, but if I unequip the weapon, the buff...
  7. zelthegamer

    How to trigger an event with a specific key?

    Hello VX Ace users! I am looking to trigger an event with a specific key. For example: When the player presses 'L' On their keyboard, the menu will pop up. Is that possible? I don't mind if I have to use a script.
  8. Akariu

    Choose a font for a specific plugin

    Hi! So I would like to ask if it is possible to add a specific line to an existing plugin, that determines which font I want to use for it. something like "choose.font = "sans-serif"....I don't know what it woild be like because I'm not a programmer my self^^ Or to make an easy plugin...
  9. mcscottyG

    Stopping a specific BGS

    Hello everyone!  I'm a long time lurker, but first time contributor to the forums.  To get the point, I've been playing around with a weather system that relies on temperature, dewpoint, and weather chance.  Basically, if the temperature is lower than the dewpoint and the weather chance is above...
  10. Uzuki

    Yanfly's Class Change Core Changing Single Actor's Class

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if there was a command that I could use to bring up the class menu from Yanfly's Class Change Core. I want to open the menu up for one specific actor and then close after you leave it. Is this possible?
  11. Otakublade

    Very Specific Multiplayer

    Hello so I'm completely new to these forums but not to rpg maker vx ace. I have an honest request for multiplayer in a certain way where it will work.  What I need is a script to be able to have a multiplayer and singleplayer mode in my game with a multiplayer that allows both local and online...
  12. Ssozi

    Specific Drop

    Hi everybody, A long time ago, someone requested me a script and here I am ! I share it with everybody.   Specific Drop I've no image to describe this, sorry The script is here, and he allows you to have a specific drop when you kill enemy A with skill B. For those who use the Victory...
  13. Rycoria

    How would I use a script call to draw a picture that is the specified actor's face?

    So how would I use screen.pictures[index].show(file_name, upperleft/center, x, y, x zoom, y zoom, opacity, blend type) in a script to show the specified actors face as the picture? I really need this as I have a character creator and the conditional branches would be insane would I have to do...
  14. Cadh20000

    Making a character-specific item

    This is actually 2 questions, both relating to the same item. I am trying to make a "Magic Necklace" that is equippable like an accessory and usable as a Key Item. So far the only solution I have found is to have 2 of it, one as the accessory, one as the key item. But it needs to be usable in...
  15. Make random encounters only occur on a specific tile?

    I apologise if this is something easy that I'm missing, but I was wondering if there is a script (or any method) to make random encounters only happen on bush tiles, kind of like in Pokemon. Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

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