1. Dalph

    Let's share our PC specs!

    I dislike long and useless introductions so I'll go straight to the point. What are your computer specs? What do you have there? Intel or maybe AMD? Let's share and discuss about them too (if you guys are up for it). Here's my new piece of junk, I got it one month ago because my old AMD...

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It’s definitely a great day to fit in some time for me to play no mans sky on PS4

First concept art of one of our main characters love interests who might turn evil depending on her decisions. Or become king of the world. Or marry her. Maybe even everything at once.
Me: *saved the game*
Also me: *exit the game afterward*
The game: "Any unsaved progress will be lost"
Me: "uh,.. alright?"
[I feel a bit sad I did this]
"WhY?...WhY dId YoU KiLl ThEm AlL?...yOu BlOoDy HeLl MoNsTeR...I'LL MAKE YOU PAY!!! FOR THE BLOOD OF THE LOST!!!" ~Scars final words before his final battle [not final boss]

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