1. MrMemento

    RMMV Voice to Text Plugin

    Are there any plugins for RPG Maker MV that can detect speech interpret that speech into a string of text, and then save it as a variable? From my research, I found that there is a web API for Chrome that recognizes speech, but I have been met with little success implementing it into MV. I would...
  2. ovate

    Torigoya_BalloonInBattle (Balloon message in side-view battle)

    Torigoya_BalloonInBattle - 2019/05/12 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview Adds balloon message in a battle (side-view). Features - Parameters for customizing Balloon - You can use these tags inside the Actors/ Enemies Note field to add messages. Note: You can use commas by inserting a...
  3. Creating a speech system?

    Howdy! First post to the forum, but I have a bit of experience with MV. Not too much since I'm posting here though. I'm trying to create a speech system or social skill system for my game. Think of the dialogue options in Fallout, it's very similar to that, meaning if the player has a skill (Its...
  4. DeyJay5

    Help with Khas Message System!

    I am using Khas Message System script for RPG Maker VX Ace (link below) and I cannot figure out how to put the speech bubble over a particular event. The script itself says: \e[x] Place the balloon over the event X. Example: \e[12] I have done exactly that and it is...
  5. Breaking the fourth wall - Help

    Hey! We're currently developing a horror game which breaks the fourth wall often to freak out the player. Is there a potential way a character can say the name of the player's PC profile? So the player doesn't input their name, but the game searches for the PC name and says it. example...
  6. Looping Speech Bubble?

    Hi, I hope that this is the right area to post this in. I'm trying to make a sidequest, and I really want to have a looping bubble with an exclamation mark animating above their heads. I'm using the "show balloon icon" script in the game. But it only shows up once then goes away as soon as I...
  7. gendfleur

    Message System: Bubbles Over Character Heads

    Hello! this is actually less of a script request and more of a help-me-find-this-maybe? request. I'm looking to try and see if anyone knows a message system that utilizes message bubbles over characters' heads like Raizen's Lune Message System (which can be found here). i really like the...
  8. emilywake

    Name Speech Box

    I'm wondering how to show names when characters speak. I don't just mean the main characters either, NPCs as well. Anyone know how to do that without taking up space in the speech box?
  9. redspark

    Comic Bubbles

    I'm working on my first plugin for MV.  I have no idea what I'm doing but at least I'm trying. ;)  Below is the effect I'm going for.  It was done in Adventure Game Studio.  Once I get it working in MV, I will publish some screen shots. Currently the Help for the plugin reads as follows...
  10. Seriel

    NPC Ramblings?

    So i've got an inn full of NPCs, and a town full of em too (It's a popular town), but i've got a slight problem, what do I make them say? This is an area thats a bit too creative for me, so has anyone got any tips on what to make these NPCs (And NPCs in general) say?
  11. The Bird King

    Voice sound when text is drawn?

    Is there a script that would play a sound as text is being drawn on the screen, something similar to ds and gameboy rpgs where a mumble plays when characters talk, in the characters voice.
  12. Need Actor specific damage and death cry voice lines

    I need each character to have their voice line. One for when they take a hit or is damaged, and a different when for when they die. I easily was able to do the death cry one in RM2K3 but when I replicate its process onto XP it doesn't seem to work, it instead goes to Game Over screen and...

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