1. mogwai

    Export Messages to Text (.txt)

    This is thanks to the guy who made this Youtube tutorial video (by @SumRndmDde; not sure if he is on this forum; I found him!) This taught me how to use the node.js function to write files. I recently wrote one plugin and another online tool for the purpose of spellchecking games, but this is...
  2. mogwai

    MV Message Spelling and Format Tester

    I'm disappointed in the recent MV spellcheck plugin I just made because it only works in browsers and not in the playtest window. So I figured if I need to be in a browser to spellcheck anyway, why not just do my message preview testing in a browser. (so I revived an old project) This is an...

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So I need to come up with quite a few action sequences.
Was stressing about this plugin earlier, but pretty happy with how its looking now! Purple makes it pop more too!! :)
A friend requested me to do a pfp for his twitch channel, so far he approved one of my sketches, so going to digital now. The style he's looking for is quite different from my usual, hopefully I can get it right... :kaoback:
I am so hyped! A new post update and im anxious to see reactions..eeeeeeee

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