1. Vis_Mage

    RMVXA Help Coming up with Tiered Skill Names

    Call me old fashioned, but I love the old school RPG styled tired spells. Stuff like Final Fantasy's Thunder-Thundra-Thundaga, or Dragon Quests Woosh-Wooshle-KaWoosh-Kawooshle. It has a certain charm to it, and makes it easy to tell how powerful a spell is at a glance. I know it's kind of a...
  2. daemon

    Casting Spell Through Shape On Screen

    Hello everybody I was wandering if anyone could help with this. I want to make an interesting way of learning spells in my game. If you have played the Harry Potter PC games, then I want a similar idea where the person draws a shape/pattern symbol of spell on screen and the spell would be cast...
  3. Trying to pull off certain types of spells.

    Ok I decided to open up my old Project where it is heavily Magic based. I have a question. I have a spell that I would like to do. It is like a damage undead spell. "Disrupt Undead" in D&D terms, essentially it is suppose to deal 1-6 damage to undead only. so if you use it on a goblin it either...
  4. Skytor

    Attack formula for multiple actors

    Hi, So I've been working on a project to make an empowering ability and its been a bit finicky so far. (I would put all of the common events and stuff so far, but it would take way too long!) so i am now working on the attack formula for the spells. When you empower yourself you are given the...
  5. MNH Gaming

    Are These Spells Copyright

    So after building most of my world, I've finally settled down to the battling mechanics and skills. I'm happy to make my own custom names for physical type moves, but I find that the easiest and most logical spell system comes from Final Fantasy's "-a, -aga, -ja" post-fix notation. I have no...
  6. How to make skills that come with levels

    I am making it so that a teacher(event) teaches you different spells and stuff. i want it to make it so that you have to talk to them to earn your skill. But you have to be a certain level
  7. Ardbaye Willos

    RPG Maker MV: Anyone know how to create spell counters or deal damage to someone who uses a spell?

    I've been out of the loop with all things RPG Maker as of late due to recent games and a bit of Yugioh Duel Links. It gave me an idea for spell counters where they could end up being used as a resource for stronger attacks, boosting up stats temporally. Even the potential to deal damage to an...
  8. Ellie Jane

    Graphical Skill Icons

    Credit: Kadokawa; me optional Commercial: Free Non-Commercial: Free Repost: No Edits: Allowed, but please link back to this topic Maker Required: MV, VX Ace and VX. Please see below for more information. These are a really simple resource but can add a lot to the scene I think. These are a set...
  9. SpookyFace66

    Harry Potter Spell System

    I'm starting to make a game based off of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and I wanted to have a spell unlock system similar to the one in the GBA Port of Prisoner of Azkaban (A.K.A. use a spell a certain number of times to unlock the next spell upgrade). I wanted to know...
  10. PhoenixX92

    How to make confusion also use spells and skills?

    Title says it all... I've attempted using the restriction as an 'attack enemy' but then all the character does is use its attack... Used 'seal skill' to lock attack, then the character just stands there. How do you guys make the confused state allow the character to cast spells? Also; I'm...
  11. BigToastie

    Spell Names

    Hi Guys, With regards to spell naming conventions, what do you guys feel about the whole "Cure / Cura / Cureaga" - same for other spells...fire/fira etc.? - not specifically those names just that sort of naming convetion  Alternatively Resurrection I / Resurrection II ..? as I am naming...
  12. TVSP

    Invoking Elements resulting in different Skills - Need help scripting

    Hey guys, TVSP here So I just started to design a new RPG, and I want to make it outstanding by creating actors with unique and outstanding combat mechanics. For some reason I have this fixed idea of designing a Hero like Invoker from Dota. If you don't know him, hes a ranged...
  13. Limits to custom abilities/spells?

    So i have an idea of a RPG i want to make, and therefor considering to buy RPG Maker MV.  But i was wondering about something. Is it possible to make like a "handpunch" with some fire animation, or make an animation where it seems like the character is using spells from his eye? And is it...
  14. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Alphabetized Lists

    Hello All, I've looked and haven't found anything, and am now looking for help.  I use VX ACE, and the yanfly engines as add ons.  I made my game mostly stream of consciousness (so spells and items weren't planned out beforehand) and now that it's gigantic I'm looking to make searching through...
  15. Kitsou

    Realism regarding spells & non-combat

    For the upcoming RPG Maker MV I'm planning to make a game, where you play as a time mage. Therefore you have a little bit of time control, which is displayed mainly in battle by manipuliating turn order, buffing, debuffing etc. But I'm not sure how realistic the world outside of the battles...
  16. how to cast more than 1 spell per turn

    As it says i want to cast more than 1 spell a turn.  I want to equip a weapon or item that grants you an attack skill, which i think i have working fine.  Now if i have say 3 of these equipped, i want to cast all 3 spells at once
  17. Alexander Halstead

    How do I make Skills with different effects based on target (Friend or Foe)?

    Hello! This is my first post/question. I am trying to figure out the best and most efficient way to create a set of special spell skills and basically need to know what scripts I may need to implement for it to work. I'd like to achieve the effect with as few scripts as possible, and I already...
  18. Josephkhland

    Altering the invocation of a skill according to player level and actions

    So actually I want to have a spell start with low success rate and as you level up it increases (or when some events occur in the game). I have a spell called Ice breath that calls the powers of dragons and then releases a breath of ice to your opponents. However at the beginning the dragon's...
  19. Combat System like Little Fighter 2

    Hi everybody! This is my first time posting here; I've been mucking around half-heartedly with various game programs for over a year, but I've only really started seriously experimenting in the last few months (and my creations now, while still nowhere near "good", are stellar compared to my...

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