1. Random Panda

    Spike Event Timing Help

    Hi all, I'm having a little trouble timing out a specific kind of spike trap. What I would like to do is have alternating rows of spikes like so: ------- <-Spikes Down ^^^^^^^ <-Spikes Up ------- ^^^^^^^ And they would alternate their "Spikes Up" and "Spikes Down" positions. Getting...
  2. Torqus

    Lag Spikes when opening/closing menu

    Hi, My problem doesn't come with a plugin or anything like that. Just by creating a new project, without doing anything, I playtest and when I open the menu I get down to 48 fps, closing it is even worse. In my legit project, using Yanfly Core plugin increases the spikes from 48 to 20 fps for...
  3. Xhizt

    Help with a specific event design

       I'm trying to do a very basic sort of event right now that requires a different way of thinking than how I've approached it. I'm trying to do a basic spike trap for a horror RPG thing that I have been working on. Right now it is running as a touch event that triggers a game over when touched...
  4. Mahoken

    Help with making floor spikes!

    I made floor spikes, and when your player walks over them, your screen flashes, and you take damage and also take a step back. Then I decided to make spikes that retract into the ground every once in awhile, then come back up, then go back down, and so on. It works perfectly besides one problem...

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