1. RMMV circular moving

    I came across this game on a site niconico. https://game.nicovideo.jp/atsumaru/games/gm5678?link=blogparts If you play this game, you'll see the event moving in a perfect circle from 2-5 I wonder how you implement that. I'm using the same jump action plug-in as this game. There's no way we...
  2. JoaquinTrapero

    Interactable event that doesn't pause autonomous movement?

    I'm curious about whether it's possible or not to have an event that is constantly moving, and being able to interact with it without disrupting it. Basically, the event is on an autonomous movement, turning down, left, up, right, like it's spinning. I want the player to be able to interact with...
  3. Arisete™

    Picture Effect : Spin

    I am wondering if someone can make me a small script that allows me to "Spin" a picture so that it could look like a Wheel, or Cogwheel spinning around. The Rotate feature in Ace does not do this properly since it rotates around a big circle. I tried Tsukihime's Picture Wrapper But it's not...

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