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  1. RMMV Multiple splash screens with KEY trigger, NOT AUTOFADE?

    I want to show two splash screens of my game's custom controls, one for keyboard and one for controller. However, the only splash screen plugins I've found auto-fade after a set number of seconds, which is a problem because either it fades too quickly to see the controls, or it can give a long...
  2. casper667

    [CSCA] Splash Screen

    CSCA Splash Screen By: Casper Gaming Last Update: 2/15/2013 Latest Version: 1.1.0 Introduction Allows you to easily have a splash screen that displays a static image before the title scene. It can also handle multiple splash images and will cycle through them. Features Show a splash screen...
  3. casper667

    [CGMZ] Splash Screen

    CGMZ Splash Screen By: Casper Gaming Last Update: September 19, 2022 Latest Version: 1.2.0 Creates a splash screen before the title screen. It can handle multiple splashes, and splashes can be skipped with input. Add as many splash images as you want Skip splashes with input Control how long...
  4. ovate

    Splash Encounter Fadeout/Fadein Effect

    BattleSplashFade - Sep 20, 2016 Creator name: Sasuke KANNAZUKI (thx to Mokusei Penguin) Overview Set splash fadeout/fadein effect at launch for battle. Note: this plugin cannot be used with other plugin for fadein effect. Features - Parameters to set FadeOut/Fadein Effect - and you can...
  5. Custom intro splash screen

    Hi! I'm new to RPGMaker and was wondering if anyone knew any way to add a custom splash screen animation to a game. I have the custom image enabled but was wondering if I could play a custom animation file instead. Thanks in advance!
  6. JoelMarler

    Splash Screen

    Resource Type: Splash screen. Can be a still screen or animated, and can include sound or not. Maker Format: MV. Art Style: Your choice. Description: I want to name my game company 'Iron Sun Games', so it should be based on that. I'm creating my first RPG Maker game in the universe at the...
  7. captainette777

    Can a sound effect play during the intro splash screen?

    Hello all, I'm using the "Made in MV" plugin that lets you input a custom splash screen. I made my own logo, but I was curious about whether it was possible to have a sound effect play when the logo comes on screen, like a calling card or something. Any way to do that?
  8. OmnislashXX

    Creating a Splash Screen Before the Title.

    So, a question, since I would not know the first step in how to go about it. As the title implies, how would I go about creating a splash screen and display a logo before the actual title kicks in? Like with the made with MV plugin.
  9. mucka33

    [FIXED] HimeWorks Splash Screen Videos not Skippable?

    I've recently grabbed HimeWorks' script that allows for custom splash screens to play before the title. While it works well, I can't seem to get the 'skip button' to work. The script says that by default, pressing the Z key should skip the splash screen, but this hasn't been working for me. I've...
  10. casper667

    CGMV Splash Screen

    CGMV Splash Screen By: Casper Gaming (Casper667) Last Update: 9/4/2020 Latest Version: 1.2 This plugin creates a splash screen for your game. It can handle multiple splashes. Add images to display before the title screen Supports multiple images in sequence Input fast forwards through image...
  11. overlordmikey

    RPG Maker MV suddenly crashes a Splash Screen [windows 10]

    BroCoG. has run into a snag - my brother and I work together to make games, but suddenly his version of RPG Maker MV just isn't working - it crashes at the splash screen - I have heard this used to happen, but all the posts I saw were from 2015 AND he never had this problem before.
  12. firststef

    Moving back from Options scene to Pre-title map

    I,m using HIME,s pretitle plugin I did a splash screen on a map. Then i transferred the transparrent player to a map that auto-runs a self-made title screen. I put a script for goto options scene. But when I go back from options, it sends me to splash screen. Any ideas? Here are some images to...
  13. GoodSelf

    Multiple Splash Screens

    Using Maker: MV I wasn't sure whether to post this in game mechanics design or here, so I hope I chose the right place. I was wondering if there was a way to have multiple splash screens without the use of the PreTitleEvents plugin. Would I simply copy the Made in MV plug-in A second time...
  14. Wyn Wizard

    Wyn Engine Ace -Splash Scene Script

    Wyn Engine Ace - Splash Scene Version 1.0 by Wyn Wizard Introduction: This script allows the user to add a splash screen to their game. While most games do not need one, it is a good resource to have if you want to displays your sponsors, the teams who helped you create you game, or if you want...
  15. Kumachan77

    Skip Splash Screens after first launch with Hime plugin

    By default, the MadeWithMV splash screen loads, then you have your title screen.  Once you start/continue a game and quit, you end up in the title screen.  However, I have been using the Hime_PreTitleEvents to create my custom title screen.  In just one screen/map, I have an event which plays 2...
  16. NVIDIA GeForce GT640 Crashing on Splash

    As the title states, it crashes on launch.  I get exception code 0xc0000005.  I did the full driver update and a rollback on my video card, I also checked my WMI and manually replaced the opengl32.dll.  Nothing worked. While I was looking around, I noticed other people with the same video...
  17. RPG Maker MV Splash Screen

    Hey guys I keep getting an "Stopped working" on the launch splash screen. I have tried all the solutions suggested in the forums. I have restarted my computer, I have reinstalled the software, I have put in the file opengl32.dll, I have updated my graphics driver and restarted again after that...
  18. Blue001

    Splash Screens And Title Screen Variance

    Since all three of these plugin function requests fall under the title screen category, I have put them all into one thread. It would be great to see a complete plugin that has all of the functions. It could be called "Title Screen Expanded" or something. Splash Screens Add a way to call...
  19. Splash Screen

    I was told that you could make a splash screen for a game but i can't find a setting anywhere for it. 
  20. Ultim

    Pixelbyte Engine - Splash Screen V.1.1

                                                  Pixelbyte Engine - Splash Screen V.1.1 INTRODUCTION 3rd Script,74 Lines The engine was renamed.I haven't updated this thing for ages.And I had now. HOW TO USE : -Make an 544x416 Image -Copy it to your Graphics/System folder -Edit the name in...

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