1. LeetMusic

    RMMV Murder Is Game Over

    Murder Is Game Over Murder Is Game Over is a pixel art point-and-click murder mystery whodunit involving the untimely death of a famous game designer. You and your trusty companion, Cleo, are on the case! A fabulously wealthy game designer is found dead outside his castle in rural Vermont...
  2. Finnuval

    Halloween 2021 Collab Pack

    Hi all so together with @spillycup we decided to release some fun Halloween-themed assets for anyone to use if they want. Optimized for RPGZmaker MZ/MV Included are 15 static battler graphics aimed mostly at frontview use - Chair Mimic - Pumpkin Boy - Piano Mimic - Scarecrow - Slime - Clock...
  3. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    [MV] Halloween Pumpkin Head with mage hat

    Can someone please make character sprites for me of a pumpkin head character with a witch/mage hat like my avatar or Dauntless character that I linked below? I'd really appreciate it if someone could make this for me because I have an idea for a Halloween themed game for next year based on my...
  4. RM2k/3 acai cOrner

    SYNOPSIS Your name is Mizuki. You have fallen into the sewers. You find your favorite guitar! You feel different. You are a magical girl now. There are monsters everywhere. It gets harder to breathe the further you go... You must escape. Features Short Surreal adventure-spooky game! Light...
  5. standardplayer

    Do You Believe In Spooky/Supernatural Stuff?

    I searched the forum, sure that something like this probably exists already. But just like paranormal stuff, I couldn't seem to come up with any evidence :D So how about it. Do you believe in the paranormal? Let's leave aliens out of it. Just talk about the classics, ghosts, spirits, demons...
  6. Open Disc Tray with Event?

    There are actually several .exe horror games out there that opens the disc tray, and I was wondering if it is actually possible in RPG Maker VX ACE. So is there a script that does that or is it impossible?
  7. EcchiSamurai

    New To RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hey everyone! I'm new to both here and making RPGs. I've watched a few online tutorials on youtube (currently watching tutorials by SRDude, and they're pretty helpful for the most part). However, I'm running into some issues with the current game I'm trying to make. I'm currently going for a...
  8. Alarkus

    RMVXA HorrorVale - The SPOOKY Halloween Themed RPG [DEMO]

    Trailer: Music: HorrorVale is a Spooky RPG where you explore the world, battle monsters, uncover mysteries, and meet wacky characters. Don't worry about anyone you kill along the way, everyone is already dead! Over 30 Spooktacular Characters to recruit in your party! Massive world to...
  9. Petite Elite


    Two brave children, Chiara and Simon, venture deep within a dense forest to find the tomb of a great and terrible necromancer. The world is not what it used to be; the dead have risen and wander the earth in search of live victims, and it is up to Chiara and Simon to put a halt to the...
  10. Sugarstars121

    Looking for Horror exterior and interior tilesets?

    I'm making a horror rpg game, that's of course noncommercial, and is actually a fan game OTL, but I couldn't find any outdoor or indoor ones. Especially not outdoor. And i'm awful at pixeling, so I really appreciate any help I get! Thank you~

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