1. Check for turn count of active states

    So early on one of my actors unlocks the Biotonic skill to merely inflict poison for 4 turns. However, later on he unlocks the ability to learn Biotonic II, a direct upgrade that now inflicts minor damage but ALSO adds another 5 turns to the poison state. Does someone know the code or a notetag...
  2. Speading attacks?

    I wish to make a skill that spreads the next attack to all enemies. How it will play out: Turn 1: player uses spread (no damage done this turn) Turn 2: player uses (skill) (skill hits all enemies, not increasing power of skill or mp cost)
  3. MeowFace

    Infective States

    Made for a request here. This script allows the "infection" of states. Actor/Enemy will spread the infection to one of their party member at each turn's end. Features: [1] Infective States [2] Re-infective (renewing state timer) [3] Able to set chance of infection for each turn's end How...

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