list of weapons, armor, items, and synthesis recipes

    Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of weapons (and weapon stats), armor (and armor stats), items, and synthesis recipes that someone may have shared out in spreadsheet format that can be used as the basis for creating such things in the RMMV database? I know I can spend hours making my...
  2. Tsukihime

    Parameter Tables

      In RPG Maker MV, you have eight basic parameters to work with for your actors Max HP max MP Attack Defense Magical Attack Magical Defense Agility Luck Parameters are managed for each class, and your actors' parameters are determined by their current level along with...
  3. Shinma

    Damage Calculator Spreadsheet

    I have shared this with a few people so far, and gotten positive reviews so I decided to host it up for all. Changelog: *EDIT - Recent as of 10/16/14* I have finished a massive overhaul of the spreadsheet. With the help of Ksjp17 I have made it pretty robust with a good many features built...

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