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  1. thethomasink

    Empty and running water fountain

    Howdy all, I was curious if anyone knows where a humble shmuck working on a project can get his hands on some sprites for a water fountain, one where it's not working and another for when it's running. Fountain starts out busted but gets repaired later in the game. Thank you for your help and...
  2. tumsterfest

    Editing a Walking Sprite

    Resource Type: EDIT of walking sprite Maker Format: MV or MZ Art Style: RTP-ish Description: For my game's character Saylor, I tried mishmashing free assets to match the concept art, then filled in blanks from there. There are two issues: In the middle rows, the leg closest to the camera...
  3. Sleepizz

    Sprite help

    Hello! I'm back and looking for help haha. I can't seem to find what I need when it comes to sprites. So, I want to edit some sprites I have to have different outfits [since they don't fit the setting] but I can't find what I need when it comes to my setting. I need some casual modern clothes...
  4. Shmorby Sprite

    I made a sprite for Shmorby (a character from We Bare Bears, voiced by Griffin McElroy). Feel free to use it, though the character rights are owned by Cartoon Network. I'm thinking about doing more characters from TV or cartoons as practice. Suggestions are welcome, though completion is not...
  5. Momonica

    Help with sprite scaling (mv)

    I'm trying to make me and my friends in rpg maker (just for fun) and decided to draw pixel art for the first time in my life. It was cute and fun until I tried to open rpg maker mv to test it and... Why is it so small??? Like, I know mv style is chibi but how do I make the sprite bigger...
  6. Tianura

    Requesting a walking sprite for a large dragon (RMMZ)

    Resource type: Sprite Good evening. I'd like to request a large walking sprite for the following character by ZaPaper, preferably as close to the artstyle and size provided. I'd also like to request a sleeping sprite for this, if possible (if choosing to do this, please DM me first!). Attached...
  7. CCCreations

    Modern Era Boats

    Resource Type: Tiles/Sprites Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Match/FSM detailed Preferred (Up view Preferred) Description: boats... like... the modern day stuff.. not pirate ships or row boats.... yachts(smaller end.. not those monsters), fishing boats, Cargo carriers(even if its a...
  8. Celianna

    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    The Resource WIP Thread 3 This thread is meant for users who are creating, or editing their own resources, to post their work-in-progress (abbreviated to WIP) and get feedback on their work such as criticism, advice or simple comments. If you have any game screenshots or maps to show off...
  9. Stemmer11

    Joe's Alotofthings Icons, Character Portraits, Battlers & Animations

    Give me some time to get things uploaded. I have been working on some art over the last several years that I will not get to use myself, so I am posting some of it for free. You may or may not have seen these elsewhere as I have been posting for a few months now on some other social sites. I...
  10. SpyreStudio

    How to Fix Sprite Movement on Map [RPG Maker MV V1.6.2]

    As you can see here, RPG Maker MV Engine has always moved the sprite in a weird way. You move on the map before your sprite moves. The timing is off and I'd like to know if there is a fix for this? Can I modify the base Javascript in the Core.js? Is there already a plugin that I haven't been...
  11. PhxFire

    FREE REQUEST Need artist for a few Sprites/ SV_Battlers

    Game: A Small Rift Engine: RPGM MV Synopsis: In the kingdom of Sparowdale mythical creatures, human, elves, dwarves and all other races live alongside each other, peacefully coexisting... however it wasn't always like that. Long ago the different races constantly fought, vying for land...
  12. Size problems

    Despite doing art, I am still new to pixel art and I am having a serious problem understanding which size is better for a pixel art, I imagine that there isn't a direct answer for that but so far I havent found any response that could give me a more clear direction So I am just posting this...
  13. character sprite doing strange things?

    was trying to create a simple character sprite for a game, and it worked fine first off. tried to edit the sprite in the form of newer versions, but it came out not fitting exactly into the frame and making my character, instead of the sprite, a giant green blob with my sprite's shape of a hole...
  14. mars714

    ManicMars Made Resources

    Hello! I've been useing a few resources I found here so I thought I'd link to my original content! You can find it on the steam DLC store! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1077602667 Here are the previews: The Steam link includes 5 pages of face plates and walking...
  15. HighOverseer

    Can't Use my Pixel art in "faces"

    I want to make a little RPG game quick to get some good grades, but when I try to use my 64x64 PNGs They don't appear. It's like there's nothing. ¿What do I do? They are just like my profile picture.
  16. WheatTon

    PAID (DO NOT USE! Read the Rules to know where you can!) Looking For Battler Artist

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: The game is a simple thing. One day a tower sprouts up in the middle of a random street. The deluded Vorland, with dreams of being a hero decides to go to the tower and the realist Mindy decides to follow so that he doesn't get himself killed. The two random, non...
  17. How to animate sprites in cut-scenes/autorun events?

    Hi, I'm new to MV! And I was just wondering, is there a way I can animate my characters in more detail during cut-scenes? I know how to set characters' movement routes to make it look like their walking regularly with the dialogue and how to animate chests and doors, but I want to animate...
  18. Pine Towers

    Can't find good examples of sprite!

    Hello guys! Little help over here? I'm going for a more proportional style for characters sprites, since the chibi style doesn't fit the mood of my game. RPG Maker XP characters also don't, since the head is still too big for my needs and I'm looking for a featureless face, or with minimal...
  19. FinalHowl

    FinalHowl's Works, and Works in Progress

    Say hello to June~ Hello Everyone. A few days ago, I requested some assistance with locating some images of a large predatory cat, but ended up settling for a fox/wolf. That being said, what I found was nice, but not quite what I was looking for. So, I decided to create my own, using the...

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