sprite battler

  1. RMMV Is there a way to change sideview battler priority?

    I am using Yanfly's BattleCore, which allows to change sprite priority in battle, but it's limited to actors and enemies. What I wanted to do is to make a specific actor appear above everything else in side view - above all enemies, all allies and all effects\animations\weapons. Is it possible...
  2. SeleDreams

    How could I make the player's party use Sprite_Enemy ?

    Hi, I'm trying to make a custom battle system a bit more similar to pokemon than FF games, but I'm having an issue I've been able to move the enemy troop easily to the top right, however, I'd like to load a backsprite of my team members a bit the same way the enemy sprites work (a simple image...
  3. Animal Battlers

    Resource Type: Sideview Sprites/Face Images Maker Format: MV Art Style: Any available Description: I'm looking more for just a SV battler of a basic brown bear at the moment. I'm needing it for a druid/shapeshifter type character, mainly just for the SV Battler during shifting. Currently...
  4. mars714

    ManicMars Made Resources

    Hello! I've been useing a few resources I found here so I thought I'd link to my original content! You can find it on the steam DLC store! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1077602667 Here are the previews: The Steam link includes 5 pages of face plates and walking...
  5. Tanarex

    crocodile Character and battler

    Can someone make me a crocodile character and sprite? Or let me know where I can find one and talk to them. Thanks.

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