sprite & bust generator

  1. ArgonianSam

    How to get rid of "padding" between sprites?

    I apologize if this is the wrong thread. I'm trying to get a new side-view sprite set to work in the generator but it wont overlap with the hair, face, or clothing because the spacing between sprites is larger than normal. How would I go about closing the gaps between the sprites? I attached...
  2. jordanblake

    Looking for a this type of character generator with facesets

    I been loking in the web for some generator with this type of character style sheet and faces, idk if is xp or vx ace graphics but i really like this type of style,sadly all the post i've found or most of them,are pretty old and the links broken,also if is posible to generate the sprite sheet...
  3. Ultim

    Needed-Archeia's Bust Generator

    Hi There, I just downloaded Archeia's Sprite & Bust Generetor,It's great but dosen't have enough resources.I just need some resources like Female bust & sprite parts more Male sprite & bust parts... Thank You

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