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  1. megumi014

    [JS] Disable Sprite Button/ClickHandlers temporarily?

    Hiya! As the title says: is there any way to disable a sprite button temporarily? (And activate it later?) Like with this._randomWindow.deactivate(); but for the mouse input? I'm trying to set up a couple of windows on the Title Screen, and I could disable the mouse alltogether but I'd rather...
  2. Seine Pestilenz

    Looking for Window_MenuCommand with pictures!

    Hello everyone! I'm messing around with some Scripts, trying to layout the Menu for my Game. The Layoutpart is no big deal. It takes time, but it works for the most parts. But what really bothers me, is that I can't find out how to use Sprites for the Menu Command in Scene_Menu. My workaround...
  3. Trying to modify Battle Commands and implement Sprite Button

    First time ever posting on any kind of forums so I don't know the protocol or anything. :p Forgive me beforehand. Also, I hope this is the correct place to be posting. Anyways to get into the topic, I'm trying to add a battle command that pulls up a new window that contains sprite buttons...
  4. Stop Movement while Click on Sprite Button

    Hy Everyone, I make a Sprite Button on Scene_Map and it calls out the Menu. So far so good, but if I click on the Button my Party move in its direction for 1 second or so an then it opens the Menu. My question is, how can I say if I click on that Sprite Button its no Moving Command...

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