sprite sheet issue

  1. Character Sprite made in Aseprite has white background despite file being shown as a transparent png

    I haven't used much of 2k3 yet so I wanted to give it ago and made a pretty basic sprite sheet, with the correct dimensions, in Aseprite of this smiley face guy: When I went to put it in the folder to use it, the thumbnail in the database was just completely black and then came up as an...
  2. Croco


    I'm trying to figure out how to change the size of the white frame when it highlights one of your sprite animations where your character walks. But for some odd reason, it seemed to shrunk compare to another character tileset. Here's this custom sprite: And here's MY custom sprite...
  3. karinthefox

    Problem with sprite resizing

    Hello everyone! I've recently finished making some sprites for my game on MV and noticed that they were a tad small compared to the map. So I resized them with photoshop using the nearest neighbor option and all that jazz. The problem is that when I resize the image to 200%... the sprites get...
  4. Rexodiak

    I can't load any of my own custom sprites

    Hey all, i'm new to RMMV, I've been recently watching a lot of tutorials online on how to put your own sprites into your project, but even though I follow every step carefully I can't seem to be able to load any of my sprites in it... I should mention that my sprites aren't the same size as the...
  5. KKraze

    Custom sprite sheet is slightly off in-game

    Hi. I'm sorry if this isn't in the right place to post this but I'm not too sure on how this site works as I pretty much just joined. I'm looking for some help. I have this sprite sheet I've made for a game by myself. It's not done yet but it's still pretty good in my opinion. Ignore the...

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