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  1. Oscar92player

    Suggestion [Feedback] Support for both, Effekseer and MV sprite sheet animations in-editor

    Description of the Feature: With this feature, RMMZ could give real support the animation system used in RMMV by adding two different tabs in Animations. By default, RMMZ supports PART of the MV animation system, with the capability of copying animations.json from the previous engine, and...
  2. EdenGenesisWs

    Which dimensions should I choose for the creation of characters?

    Hello everyone, I know this might sound strange or stupid to you, but I would like to understand how sprite sheets work in RPG Maker. I mean, I have often seen sprite sheets that include all the movements of the created characters, but I don't understand how these are separated in the...
  3. RachelCantFocus

    Slime Sprite Sheet

    I made a slime. I call him Jelly Slime. I hope someone finds it helpful!
  4. RachelCantFocus

    Piglet sprite sheet

    I was going through some old pictures on my phone and found this beauty. It was one of the first character sprites I made and I thought I would post it here since I'm not using it. If you use it I'd love to see your project when you're done, this sprite is probably only good for non-commercial...
  5. GokuRevolucion

    Is there a way to add 16-bit sprites in RPG Maker MV?

    I just recently got Aseprite to make my custom sprites. But, I don´t know how to put them together in a sprite sheet and keep the true 16-bit feeling in it. without scaling or extending the pixel-count do to scaling. any help or website will be appreciated. Note: if there is a post with this...
  6. surunime

    Original creator info help

    anyone know original creator for this spritesheet I can contact? thanks before
  7. PhxFire

    Slime without eye

    I'm looking for a slime sprite without the eye... something to match the SV battler on this site http://p3x774.web.fc2.com/ If you know where I can find one that would be great or if anyone would be willing to edit the OG sprite or make a new slime that would be very much so appreciated also!
  8. karinthefox

    Problem with sprite resizing

    Hello everyone! I've recently finished making some sprites for my game on MV and noticed that they were a tad small compared to the map. So I resized them with photoshop using the nearest neighbor option and all that jazz. The problem is that when I resize the image to 200%... the sprites get...
  9. BigSharkZ

    Why does my character become brighter when blinking?

    Hello! I created a common event to make my main character blink that looks like this: When idling for 180 frames Control Variables: #0001 Blinking = Random 1..3 If: Blinking = 1 Wait 10 frames Change Actor > Blinking Wait 10 frames Change Actor > Not Blinking End If: Blinking = 2 Wait 10...
  10. Tea's Jams

    Custom sprite sheet sizing and formatting

    Custom sprite sheet sizing and formatting In this tutorial, you'll learn how to size your own custom sprite sheet to work with RPG Maker MV engine. Also you will be familiarized with the engines sprite sheet file naming conventions. (Free image manipulation software used in video...
  11. leekeater

    Character Sprite Troubles

    Hello! I'm fairly new at this this and I'm definitely having trouble with dimensions for sprites. I will post images that will help. I'm having trouble reworking dimensions for the sprite sheet of one of the characters in my game. I know she is too tall (her bunny ears) and shortening them...
  12. The007who

    Sprite Sheet Glitching?

    Hi guys! My sprite sheet has been glitching :(
  13. erikmidnatt

    Adjusting an event sprite script to work for single characters

    So I'm working with the lovely MBS_FPLE plugin for MV and it has the ability to show sprite events in a first person dungeon crawler. However it only works with the sheets designed for 8 characters. I've spent several hours myself tinkering with the script, it seems like it would be relatively...
  14. Kip

    Editing the Character Generator

    Hello! it's me, back again, trying to do things that RPG Maker MV would rather I not do~ Today, we are making changes to the Default character Generator built in to RPG Maker MV! wooo! You see, it has come to my attention that the RPG maker software's limitations make in game characters be...
  15. Nigredo92

    Sprite Sheet: 8 Frames for Single Direction?

    After browsing the web and the forums, I couldn't really find a straight answer. All the solutions seem to involve plugging in a script or changing this manually, and only apply to sprite sheets which are customized to 8x4. Basically, I want to use 8 FRAMES on the default sprite sheet for...
  16. ain

    Sprite Sheet for a Turnip creature [MV]

    Resource Type: Sprite Sheet, I am fairly new to RPG Maker so I don't know all the terms, but I am looking for a sprite sheet with the standing/walking/sides. Maker Format: MV Art Style: Chibi? The kind of art style that the regular MV characters are based off.  Description:  Could it...
  17. KaiserTrigger

    Circusman.exe Spritesheet?

    Does anyone have a ready to use Sprite Sheet of Circusman.exe from the Battle Network series? I need one for a scene in a game I'm making. It's really hard for some reason to find one. Something with sprites like these but in the format for RPG Maker. I don't have the sprite skills to...
  18. Will these work for Sprites? Or will I need to make something smaller?

    Tailless roughdraft for when I was going to use Stencyl before I decided to move to RPG Maker VX ACE. What I would like to know, is will those work in the character generator / as the main sprites [after I fix them up to blank slates. And add in Hair / Eyes in their respective folders]? Or are...
  19. Original state sprite sheet location

    I'm new around there, and I have some troubles with custom sprites. About their format, actually. I hope I'm not asking something which has already been answered... Actually, what I want to do is to create a new state : Super Poison (got the idea from Pokemon, it's actually a poison which is...

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