1. K2loid

    K2Creating (Sprite face edits!)

    I thought I may as well make a thread for my RM-specific assets. I tend to bias towards big releases rather than intermittent updates, to my own detriment, but may add some smaller stuff. Sprite Face Packs M&! Faces Candymold Colour&Sprite Hoping to have an update...soon-ish.
  2. RouletteBunnie

    Sprite Programs

    Hello! I would like to say in advance to the admins, sorry if this is posted in the wrong area. I am looking for a program to create or design monsters and characters for my game. I am using VXACE. If anyone can help me out that would be awesome. Sorry if this has been asked before as well.
  3. Mcniner

    I Need Character Sprite.

    content removed by moderator So I'm making a Zelda fan game, and I need something like this: Basically the Link from the original Legend of Zelda in 1986 with blue clothing, and the formatted for RPG Maker MV. It is ESSENTIAL that they have the NES graphics, as my entire game will be in that...
  4. tumsterfest

    Editing a Walking Sprite

    Resource Type: EDIT of walking sprite Maker Format: MV or MZ Art Style: RTP-ish Description: For my game's character Saylor, I tried mishmashing free assets to match the concept art, then filled in blanks from there. There are two issues: In the middle rows, the leg closest to the camera...
  5. bluevegas02

    Phoenix Walking Character Animation

    Hello, Resource Type: (Walking character sprite, monster) Maker Format: (MV or MZ) Art Style: (Honestly not sure. I just really need it to look more so like a phoenix rather than looking like just a regular bird.) Description: (As I mentioned before, looking for an actual walking character...
  6. JacSkulls

    Are there any Defeated Character Sprites aside from the default?

    Are there any Defeated Character Sprites aside from the default? Or should I make some and post it on here? Sorry. Got a little too lazy to search it up(Google can barely tell the difference between MV and MZ) so I thought I'd ask on here. If there aren't any, I'll try to set it up via the...
  7. Jomy10

    RMMV Cutting off sprites using Javascript

    Hi, I'm currently adding a sprite with the following code: let bitmap = ImageManager.loadBitmap("", "path/to/img"); let sprite = new Sprite(bitmap); SceneManager._scene.addChild(sprite); I would now like to render only half of this sprite's width. How can I achieve this? Couldn't find...
  8. Monsterk

    Sprites for MV

    I will post sprites created by the generator. I hope they are enough and that they like it.
  9. Monsterk

    Rpg maker mv Pokèmon sprites

    In this thread I will put the Pokèmon sprites
  10. Notchella

    Looking for any useful addons :)

    I recently published my first game ever made on RPG Maker, I had some hiccups but overall I'm proud of it! Moving forward some of the things I want to do with the next game will require addons however there's so many out there I don't even know where to start! I had some ideas of what I want...
  11. KChasm

    [MV/MZ?] Looking for rugs, if you have them.

    Does anyone have any good sprites in the way of carpets or rugs? I don't mean tileset sprites, but smaller (usually rectangular) rugs, the sort you'd find thrown over the floor in the middle of a room. I'm working in MZ, and hoping to find something that fits in more or less with the default...
  12. GroovDood

    Big Bell Sprite?

    Does anyone have a good giant church bell sprite? I'm thinking anything vaguely similar to the Celestial Tower bell from Pokémon Black and White. Thanks! Bro how has no one on this site ever needed a bell sprite I literally cant find anything
  13. How can I insert custom animation SV_Actor

    Hello! What plugin can insert animations SV_Actor ? in size 880x880
  14. How to make tile show on map after multiple choice question

    I wanted to have a npc ask if you wanna help them make a snowman and then i wanted a snowman to show on the map
  15. how to move battler eyes in editing software

    so in this picture the cat is looking at the playable characters the thing is this is edited so the 2nd image is how it looks unedited and i was wondering how can i learn how to change the enemy sprites eye position so that in side view battles it makes more sense since before the enemy could...
  16. AwesomeDog45677

    SandWorm Walking Sprite

    Does anyone know where I can find a walking sprite for the SandWorm enemy in RPG Maker MZ?
  17. How can i make my own sprites/generator parts

    Hello! I'm so newbie, just discovered is possible add resources at the game, I don´t know how to do an edit, or what the heck is a template... So, I just wanted to know if a little caritative soul could explain me (Like to a baby) how I can make my own sprites of bodies, clothes, hair, etc...
  18. aniaaous

    Lorenz Fries Asset pack : School Horror

    First of all this asset pack is still under development, I am still learning as I am making this asset pack so feedback and suggestions are more than welcomed! ^^ Second, This asset pack is free to use for personal use on any engine If you want to use it for a commercial project please donate...
  19. LadyBanshee

    Final Fantasy Inspired Airship Sprites

    Been searching all over for a Final Fantasy inspired airship sprite set, one that can be used as the airship vehicle in a game that is, and so far have not had any luck. If someone could make one or point me in the right direction, I would much appreciate it Resource Type: Vehicle sprite Maker...
  20. omnaeon

    scientist/chemistry teacher.

    I am in desperate need of a sprite with a lab coat to use as a male scientist/chemistry teacher, anyone know of any I can use for MZ?

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