1. ygemk

    got animals?

    so yeah i wanna make a cool reference in my rpgmaker 2003 game and i need a crocodile/alligator animal sprite for it. does anyone know where i can find one?
  2. baklababe

    Sprite not completely Transparent

    For some reason when I imported my sprite sheet and got to the menu where you choose which color to be transparent it seems like it detected a different shade of green around the top and sides of the sprite. I'm at a bit of a loss of what I should do. Pictured below is what the sprite looks like...
  3. How to change the sprite selection box?

    As you can see, the little white box is not on the character that i want to use. Someone know how to change it?
  4. Kaimi

    RTP Recolours for NPC Sprites

    Since there is an awfully small selection of NPC sprites in the RTP I decided to take it upon myself to create recolours of them. More recolours will appear over time. You are also free to add your recolours in the thread as well and I will integrate them into this post if you won't mind. This...
  5. RMMZ Adding a pointer on Selectable Window.

    Could someone please help me with making a custom pointer, similar to the game Omori's title screen and menus. I have managed to space the buttons out and have been able to find where the overlay for the buttons is created which is under Window_Selectable.prototype._refreshCursor = function()...
  6. Vis_Mage

    MV - Beehouse Sprite

    Hey, could someone help me out with creating a couple sprites for MV? Resource Type: Tile (or character sprite, either works) Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: I'm looking to create two different beehouse sprites. The first being a more traditional hive sprite on a table, and the...
  7. Looking for sprite water monster :)

    Hi everybody, i'm new here and i'm french (so sorry for my bad english :( ) I have been working on RPGMVXACE for a few years now and this forum has helped me a lot :) I wanted to know where I could find water monster sprites and also Battlers =) I hope I expressed myself well >< Thanks you so...
  8. tale

    PD_AdjustCharaSprite - Tiny Overworld Sprites

    PD_AdjustCharaSprite ( 2015/12/18 Ver.1.01 ) Creator name: Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Overview Characters sprites appears tiny in the overworld similar to overworld of Chrono Trigger. Features - Tiny characters sprites in overworld. - If file name include "noAdjust", no adjusting character sprite...
  9. SirKeksalot

    [WIP] Bionicle Sprite Template

    Having impulse-bought MV recently, I figured I might get off my ass and do something for once. I got MV with the intent of making a Bionicle fan game, but since RPGM obviously has no assets for Bionicle characters, I had to make my own. Thus, in the first set of sprites, I'd like to offer up a...
  10. amilan

    Walk Sprite for Martial Artist Character

    Hi RPG Makers, I hope someone could help me in providing asset similar to the image below. (Note I don't own the image it is from the RPG MAKER 2K3 Character) I'm using RPG Maker MZ so if someone have any similar resources maybe you could share it. Generator parts or anything similar...
  11. RMMV Dead Sprites Chrono Engine ABS

    Hello! It's me again with more Chrono Engine ABS questions. It seems like people aren't super fond of helping with this plugin due to its complexity, so I am sorry to bother. Would there be a way to make an ABS enemy change to a dead sprite once you kill them? By default, the event fades out and...
  12. Sebbynoodle

    Custom sprites resizing?

    Hello I'm still new to Rpgmaker mv but I'm starting to get the hang of it but I want to use my own sprites that are bigger than the default sprites . Is there a way to do it?
  13. Docithe

    Sprite Sheet to SV Battler Converter

    Hello everybody! I'm a new contributor, long time lurker, and have been using various editions of RPG Maker since the 90s. Mostly for my own entertainment, I haven't really released anything publicly! I had been using a plugin in MV to bring in graphics from a standard walk sprite as an SV...
  14. StartTsu_

    [MV/MZ] I'm looking for Pig Men sprites

    I would like chibi-style pigman sprites or maybe parts for the character generator like ears and nose.
  15. StartTsu_

    [MV/MZ] I'm looking for Mimics sprites

    A chest with a creature stuck to it maybe with tentacles and teeth some have an eye in the middle
  16. shrinker1

    Side view sprite issue

    i made a custom 1152x768 sprite sheet but when i use it its blurry and hard to see. I tried many things with window readjustment but nothing works.
  17. jamcub

    RMMV Sprite Layering Issue

    I've run into a really, really weird issue. Using the Time Fantasy and some of the add on packs (see screenshot below for details): I have a town here: Using these tilets in their respective spots: I get these ... weird issues on some of the buildings but not always...? Why ... is that...
  18. StartTsu_

    [MZ] I'm looking for women's clothing

    I'm looking for women's clothes for the chibi version, things like armor, bikini armors, shorter clothes
  19. Trudel

    How to draw a sprite/tile above event-sprite

    Hi there, i have an event, which shows a "door open" animation. Now I want to draw a sprite above that (some grass at the doorstep, to be specific). I tried using different layers, but that doesn't work. Is this possible, or should I just edit it into the door sprite?
  20. Resource of a sprite of a monster

    Hi! I would like to know if someone could do me the favor of making me a sprite of this monster that you can see in the image that I put below, if someone could do it I would appreciate it very much and I would also put it in the credits of the video game, I would like the sprite to be 192 x 192...

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