1. Hyouryuu-Na

    Smoother Animations Using Spriter

    Hi everyone! I'm not sure if I'm the only one who finds the default animations in RPG Maker to be sort of choppy. But it has always bothered me. And recently I came across Spriter. It's a 2d skeletal animation software. Using this, we can easily create smoother animations. Well, there are other...
  2. KanaX

    Spriter Plugin

    Spriter Plugin v.1.3.5 KanaX Introduction Allows user to utilize Spriter Pro save files and sprite parts for Skeletal Animations Features Using Spriter, it is easy to create functional, fluid, expressive animations with sprite parts, without needing to create large numbers of sprite sheets...
  3. OneSteph

    Use Spriter Pro for Animated CutScenes?

    I have scoured this forum and I haven't found the answer to this, if there is one already please point me in the right direction and I'll gladly take down this post! I am looking for a way to do animated cut scenes with the Sprites I am using in game and I feel like there is an obvious answer...
  4. MV Character design : Fuse/Miximo, Daz3D vs GCH vs Spriter vs Daz3D vs MakeHuman

    Hello, I spent 197 hours to discover RPG Maker MV and try things, now I'd like to have a custom design for my characters. I'm not much into "chibi" cute design, more into standard characters like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Context : 9/10 project organization (my job), 7/10 web dev (my old...
  5. Wyn Wizard

    FREE Arken Tales [Working Title] - Assisstance Needed

    As many times as I've tried to build a game, I've come to realize that there are just some things I not only do not have time for, but do not have the talent for. So I will start off by saying that while I can struggle to do what I can, I would rather have some help. Honestly, these positions...
  6. DevilsAdvocate

    Rpgmaker MV: Spriter2d Support Petition!

    Spriter support for Rpgmaker MV was said to be worked on but then eventually dropped. I feel as if MV is missing support for any sort of vector based animation software, and that if it was included games made with MV would have much higher production values and quality. I talk more about it on...
  7. Lord Vectra

    Help needed for my Project

    http:// Screenshots/Gameplay Note: The mapping is horrible at the moment. I have to go back and edit them. I've been focusing on the database, but now I'm starting to focus on mapping because it's not good. It's not horrible, but not being horrible =/= good. I...
  8. Tanarex

    FREE Dance of The Damned -Recruitment

    STORY Four are chosen to enter the Demore Mansion and free the dead that are forced to relive the night Lady Demore and her guests were taken by the Reaper himself or join them forever. Within awaits terrifying traps, perplexing puzzles, and a multitude of monsters. They have two hours...
  9. Detectivegame

    Project Talos Recruitment

    Introduction: Hi, my name is Franco.  I have worked on a couple of indie games as an illustrator and concept artist.  My most recent work involved working under a programmer in making a simple endless runner game called Super Beans.  After being immersed in game development, I wanted to get my...
  10. Mickychi

    Project Growth (IGMC 2015) Recruitment NEED SPRITER!

    Hi I would have posted this sooner but I was still debating at the time whether or not I would have enough time to completely make a game in one month, anyway I did start and am making progress on the game I have decided to make the name Project Growth but could seriously use a hand to make the...
  11. EliteKilljoy

    Need Spriter and Artist for Multiple Sprites/Portraits

    Hey, guys. I'm working on a fantasy RPG where the boy finds a dragon egg. It hatches eventually into a baby dragon and the story follows them as they grow. So what I need from you guys is sprites and portraits/busts for each of the following of the dragon's growth stages: Egg (including...
  12. "EarthBound Style Engine 0.6" (reupdated 1/9/2015) Team Recruitment

    I have started an "EarthBound Style Engine" which replicates core features found in "EarthBound - Mother 2" using RPG Maker VX Ace. Edit : This Engine has been updated to 0.6 as of 1/9/2015 - Enemies will now halt when a battle is initiating - Turned the hue down on all swirl animations -...
  13. EliteKilljoy

    Early Development - Need Spriter/Artist

    Hey!  I'm making a fantasy-type game, but not with humans.  The idea is to have Journey-type creatures as the characters. Here are some reference photos: Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Obviously it would have to be slightly different because of copyright purposes and...
  14. Skijarama

    The Oracle Spheres - Recruiting for Writers, artists, and maybe music.

    A quick summary of the oracle spheres storyline and backstory. Several hundred years ago, very little was known about the Celestial Beings, who were god-like entities that adamantly refused to interfere with the mortal plane. There were countless of these beings. At one point, the Celestial...
  15. Hahn Deathspark

    In need of Artists or Spriters, or whoever that can draw!

    I am looking for a spriter who can: - Work with me until the end of the game. - Make replies at least once a week? ( Don't worry, I shall always update you too, I'm the active type, talks a lot =3) - Never betray. (Example: If you tell me, "I think you should find someone else, I can't do this...
  16. Pakki Sukibe

    Lucira: Moments from the Heart [Recruiting Team!]

    Lucira: Moments from the Heart A Kemono JRPG, Socialize Persona 4 Style!       What is Lucira: Moments from the Heart? Lucira is a JRPG style game with some dating sim elements, akin to the Persona series (specifically 3 and 4). It is a kemono game meaning that all the characters are furry (for...
  17. Taki

    Death Eye - Recruiting

    One by one, every day, the inhabitants of Xonis are disappearing... I need to go after them, before they take Lucia... Welcome to Death Eye, my first ever RPG Maker VX ACE project! I am currently looking for potential team members to create Death Eye. The game will revolve more on gameplay...
  18. sherlockthegame

    SHERLOCK: THE GAME IS ON (A Crime Solving Puzzle RPG)

    _____________________________________________________   SHERLOCK: THE GAME IS ON Hello! I'm a representative for the fandom-wide puzzle rpg project, Sherlock: The Game Is On.   For more information, you can view our featured interview for The Daily Dot here...
  19. tlbearer

    Of Man and Machine (Recruiting)

    Of Man and Machines Lore: Deities: Story: Cara and her brother Kyn live in a small village in the southern part of Unda. Machina and anything to deal with it is outlawed in south. Cara was told by a passing dwarf that it was the people that had corrupted the machina and used it...

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