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  1. Gravemaster

    How does Character Sprite Dividing Really Work?

    So... I had made a character sheet (8 characters total) using GameCharacterHub Portfolio. VX Ace displayed my characters normally, and with no problems in-game. After some playtesting, I realised they were too large for the game, so I reduced all character sheets by 20% using paint.net...
  2. Nervundi

    Sprite issues

    Hello. I've been having issues with an overworld sprite. Despite following tutorials, it gets weirdly clipped, as seen on screenshots. Here's the spritesheet itself. What should I do to make the sprite work properly?
  3. Is there any video on how to create original sprites?

    So, hello! I'm new on using RPG Maker for developing games and I'd really love to create my own sprites (characters). I'd like to create something different than the normal RPG Maker MV's art style. You know, something made by myself, kinda similar to games like Ib or Mogeko Castle. I've seen a...
  4. CrowStorm

    RM MV Bloody Downs (dead character sprites)

    Hey, I'm looking for any existing bloody downed characters for RPG Maker MV. I imagine that the MV RTP characters will be easiest to find, I don't really care who the characters are, I essentially just need random corpses that died violently...er...I need RPG Maker MV style sprites of random...
  5. Platsch

    Platsch Stuff

    Terms Updates: 24.06.2016 first update 23.06.2020 last update Tiles Screenshot Face Characters and objects
  6. Zane

    Mystic Quest Ace - Recruitment

    Before people start messaging me, yes I know I know about DDG's version, Yes I know why it was taken down, (Not because of Square Enix). I also know about all the legal issues about the dangers etc. Table of Contents: Introduction About the Game What am I doing Service Requested Returns Thank...

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