1. Callan1990

    Looking for a pixel artist!

    I am looking for someone to help convert some sprites for me. I am using Moghunter Chrono engine which uses the picture below labelled $Hero01_swd02 and $Hero01.png.. I would like for the People1 (boy) and People2 (girl) sprites to replicate the Moghunter sprites but without the sword, so that...
  2. matgraz

    Sprites are blinking during Change Image in Move Route but it's on the same spritesheet

    I'm having a bug while using Move Route to make sprite animations: at one point in my move route i make the character "Change Image..." but to another slot in the same charset and when it changes slots for 1 frame its sprites disappears and come back in the new image. If it was another image...
  3. Callan1990

    Looking for Animated Enemy sprites for MOG Hunter Plugin (MV)

    I am trying to make some new enemies for Mog Hunters Chrono ATB plugin, however I only have the ones available that come with the demo. I could use any sprite but they won't have an animation and it looks dull in a battle. I have looked online and haven't found anything, so if someone could...
  4. Rcsebud

    Is There A Way To Get Rid Of Negative Space?

    Hi all. I've made some sprites for a fangame I'm making, but I've realized that the negative space around each object hinders my character's ability to move around freely. Is there a way to get rid of it or minimize it? As far as I'm concerned, the standard and set size for tilesets in MZ is 48...
  5. Are there more methods to have animated enemies?

    i was wondering if there are any more pluggins that allow for a more compact way to animate enemies if that make sense. i was playing around with Yanfly's animated sideview enemies, and it does the job well, the problem is that, aside from the limiting 3 frames, im also only lookin to have an...
  6. wbthehero

    Trying to find an 8-Bit tile set for RPG MV for free.

    Hello! so I have been working on a project for the past 2-3 years and I've been using the default tile sets. The game is supposed to be in the NES Final Fantasy 1 GB Pokémon Green/Red/Yellow, The Atari Adventure game Graphics, or just the RPG maker 2003 Graphics. I would use RPG maker 2003 but...
  7. Trevaz

    change the sprite layer according to where the player is

    Hi, funnys My game has a large open world map and this ends up causing some conflicts in sprites. In this bridge, for example, the character always goes over it, regardless of being in the layer below or not. Is it possible to make the bridge appear from above when the player is below and...
  8. Snow White, Kairi, Namine, Trunks, Ashe, Garnet sprites

    Free to use or improve upon:) I probably won't be checking back to this thread often, if at all. So, I apologize in advance.
  9. DylanTheGamerDad

    DylanTheGamerDad's Sprites & Assets [Updated Dec 6 2022]

    I took advice from another on here, and will only be posting my creations in this thread from now on! Thank you to anyone that follows along in this journey of mine! As always, please take what you want. Credit is not needed, but much appreciated! DylanTheGamerDad [/SPOILER]
  10. discocatman

    New sprites, might release template

    So I'm working on a game, and it has a TON of characters (I'd say about 100 or so?), so I thought I would throw some concept art/basic sprites in here on a random assortment of characters that I use in my game as well as other non-canon characters I just made for fun Characters: -Hwang (Canon)...
  11. Taller sprites, more animation frames?

    So I'm a beginner with RM and when I try to look things up it seems most posts/answers tend to be geared for people who already know how pretty much everything works, and have been working with it for a long time; a lot of answers for things like plug-ins are like "turn this on and change the...
  12. Spacer789

    RMMV Plugin that changes sideview actor sprites based on state?

    I've been looking for a plugin that changes the sprites of a sideview actor in battle based on their state, anyone have a plugin like that or could make one?
  13. DragonRose35

    Help! Sprites aren't lined up with the map grid???

    Guys! I need help! Okay, so I'm working on a new project where I'm having to create my own map tilesets and my own sprites. Nothing too fancy, as I really have very little talent in this field. I am aware that the grids are 48x48 pixels and I created everything to line up with that grid. The...
  14. Grid Size for editing taller 3-sized sprites?

    Heya all, I think the usual size of an RPG Maker MV sprite is 48 x 48, but I've recently began working with the taller sheets, such as the tall Dark Fantasy sprites, that use the 3 prefix. Does anyone know what the size for one of these guys is off the top of their head? The reason I'm asking...
  15. JohnDoeNews

    Animated Letterbox Sprites (Rainbow)

    Create your own in-game letterbox with these sprites! Includes: ABCD EFGH IJKL MNOP QRST UVWX YX12 3456 7890 +-×÷ =%$€ #*#... /\() <>[] .,?! "":; ♫♥_& + 4 Emoticons All 72 characters come in: 6 different colors + 2 different rainbow animations The graphics are optimized to be used with...
  16. RPGMVNoob

    Alternative Game Over Screens | *FREE*

    Alternative Game Over Screens
  17. T3sCoconuts

    Taking votes player customised or larger sprites?

    So been wondering, what do people rather more, When you have a sprite that you can customise, change there outfits and stuff, or larger sprites where you get more detail? No real meaning behind this question just wondering as I always loved ragnarok online, you could sort of customise your...
  18. shadow7396

    Monster Stuff

    Hey guys I'm using RMMV and I'm looking for some sprites and their respective facesets for not only the default monsters, but any custom ones as well.
  19. TeiRaven

    Sithjester's RMXP Resources

    Sithjester's website has gone offline. However, with her permission, we've compiled all of her resources and re-uploaded them here for continued use! Preview images are shown in the spoilers--resources are attached to this post in zip folders. Links shown in the preview images are included in...

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