1. DragonRose35

    Help! Sprites aren't lined up with the map grid???

    Guys! I need help! Okay, so I'm working on a new project where I'm having to create my own map tilesets and my own sprites. Nothing too fancy, as I really have very little talent in this field. I am aware that the grids are 48x48 pixels and I created everything to line up with that grid. The...
  2. Grid Size for editing taller 3-sized sprites?

    Heya all, I think the usual size of an RPG Maker MV sprite is 48 x 48, but I've recently began working with the taller sheets, such as the tall Dark Fantasy sprites, that use the 3 prefix. Does anyone know what the size for one of these guys is off the top of their head? The reason I'm asking...
  3. JohnDoeNews

    Animated Letterbox Sprites (Rainbow)

    Create your own in-game letterbox with these sprites! Includes: ABCD EFGH IJKL MNOP QRST UVWX YX12 3456 7890 +-×÷ =%$€ #*#... /\() <>[] .,?! "":; ♫♥_& + 4 Emoticons All 72 characters come in: 6 different colors + 2 different rainbow animations The graphics are optimized to be used with...
  4. RPGMVNoob

    Alternative Game Over Screens | *FREE*

    Alternative Game Over Screens
  5. T3sCoconuts

    Taking votes player customised or larger sprites?

    So been wondering, what do people rather more, When you have a sprite that you can customise, change there outfits and stuff, or larger sprites where you get more detail? No real meaning behind this question just wondering as I always loved ragnarok online, you could sort of customise your...
  6. shadow7396

    Monster Stuff

    Hey guys I'm using RMMV and I'm looking for some sprites and their respective facesets for not only the default monsters, but any custom ones as well.
  7. TeiRaven

    Sithjester's RMXP Resources

    Sithjester's website has gone offline. However, with her permission, we've compiled all of her resources and re-uploaded them here for continued use! Preview images are shown in the spoilers--resources are attached to this post in zip folders. Links shown in the preview images are included in...
  8. Monsterwave18

    Pixels Appearing "Stretched" or "Compressed" on My Custom Sprites

    Greetings. Lately, I've been creating some sprites for RPG Maker MV, but noticed that whenever I put the sprites into the game they come out with some of the pixels on the sprites "stretched" or "compressed". At least that is how I would explain it. Here are some pictures of what I mean: Here...
  9. Animated Sprites for action-RPG

    Hello guys, I'm looking for animated enemy sprites to create a Zelda style action-RPG, for this I need animated sprites for both characters and enemies. Are there any resources like these, even not free? Also, are there good plugins to develop the game with an Action Battle System? Is it...
  10. RPG Maker MV Mannequin Sprites?

    Hi there. I'm looking for mannequin sprites made for RPG Maker MV. It's for a horror game that I'm working on.
  11. Finnuval

    Halloween 2021 Collab Pack

    Hi all so together with @spillycup we decided to release some fun Halloween-themed assets for anyone to use if they want. Optimized for RPGZmaker MZ/MV Included are 15 static battler graphics aimed mostly at frontview use - Chair Mimic - Pumpkin Boy - Piano Mimic - Scarecrow - Slime - Clock...
  12. l0nelysaturn

    Saturn's Pokemon Resources

    Hello, and welcome to my thread! I wanted to make a pokemon fangame a while ago but felt it would be a bit tough for me, since I know virtually nothing about scripting and don't know any plugins for pokemon battles. In the future, I may try to make the fangame of my dreams, but I at least want...
  13. ovate

    XP Cover Art Characters Set (Portraits & Sprites)

    With permission from khana chi, I'm sharing cover art characters portraits here along with the characters sprites edits. XP Cover Art Characters Portraits Drawn by khana chi One expression. There are 3 sizes inside the zip. Terms of Use If you own a copy of RPG Maker XP- you can use them...
  14. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Voodoo Doll Sprites for MV

    So I've been looking for MV sprites of a voodoo doll but I've been having no luck. Does anyone know where I can find voodoo doll sprites anywhere? I found sv actor sprites of a puppet enemy that seems kinda similar to a voodoo doll but it's only sv actor sprites.
  15. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Grim Reaper With Scythe Sprites (MV)

    So I've been trying to find sprites and sv battle sprites of a Grim Reaper holding a scythe on Google but I'm having no luck, aside from the default ghost sprites but I'd prefer Grim Reaper sprites that are holding a scythe. Is there any place to find this or can someone make some? I'd...
  16. RMMV Animated SV Enemies problem

    I'm having an issue with the AnimatedSVEnemies plugin where the animated enemy performs said actions super fast, like 1 frame fast. This happens with him attacking or getting hit. I also used the sprite sheet on an actor and that worked correctly. What I find so weird is that the idle animation...
  17. Kristina

    Weird Sprite Movement

    Hi all, I hope you guys can help me find a solution to this as my mind is blank and so far the people I have asked can't figure it out. As you can see on the video the female sprite is walking very weird. Now, I got this issue in my whole project, not only on this map. I got the same issue...
  18. OneBlackSheep

    Playing in the Character Generator.

    Here's some things I made while monkeying around in the generator.
  19. Copywright

    2 Character Sprites I Commissioned

    Hey, I wanted to share these sprites, because I won't really be using them in my game anymore. Only due to a change in the size of my tiles. They are really nice though, so I figure someone will find a use for them. Credit to @Scythuz for the swordsman in the green armor. The other was...
  20. Kay_ande

    I don't understand how the sprite selectors work.

    These sprites have the same size. then why is the selecting different?is there a way to adjust it?

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