1. hexfur

    Sprites For Game

    Hello, I'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace but I want to make a warrior cat game of my own! But I am very bad at making sprites, & I need quite a few (or basic ones & someone to teach me how to recolor them without ruining them). Here's the bases/sprites I need: Wolves, Dogs, Wolf-Dog Hybrids...
  2. palinskyjoe

    Joe P's Weird Warehouse *Updated 2/28/17!*

    I'm a super amateur pixel dabbler and I'm looking to grow my abilities. I make these resources for the community to share whatever I concoct, though I admit they pale in comparison to some of the gorgeous work available on these boards. Though I don't have a workshop page (yet...), I am more...
  3. psipumpkin

    Cut off sprites?

    So, I just put in a custom sprite into the game, and set it up as a walking npc, just so I can see the walk cycle in action and I noticed that it's weirdly cut off, and that a piece of another frame is even floating around sometimes. (Yeah, I know it's tiny. I plan to use shaz's change...
  4. Rayter

    Help out a Beginner? In Need of Advice!

    Hello everyone! I want to make a short game on RPG maker VX ACE, but I don't want to use the defaults; I wish to create my own. I want to ask about few other things on the topic as well... What can I use to make character pictures like this? Same for monsters? (doesn't have to be high...
  5. CrazyCookieManiac

    EDIT: SOLVED Problems including items for RPG Maker VX Ace sprites

    Edit: Thanks for the time, guys! I just solved the problem. I'll explain in case anyone encounters the same problem and is curious to how I did it: I looked FOREVER for where the RPG Maker VX Ace (and XP, too, bc GCH originally comes with XP and VX Ace sprites)'s could've been. I mean, it...
  6. Closed

    Closed. If you had already downloaded the sprite bases, you are free to use them in both commercial and non-commercial games.
  7. Komourix

    How to import tile sheets?

    Hello! I'm VERY new to RPG Maker, and I've recently started a project, which I am consistently running into issues with. Up until this point I've been able to find help fairly easily, but I need some help with this one. I am trying to add more tiles to my game. I made custom ones in the same...
  8. Kaijira

    Kaijira's Free Sprites

    (To any moderators out there, this was my best guess as to where I could post this, if there is a better location I am more than happy to have the thread moved.) Hello to all. My name is Kaijira, and the point of this thread is to share some of my sprites with all of you. Most of the sprites...
  9. Mudstep

    Evil General/Drone Requests

    By any chance, can anyone create sideview sprites of the Male Evil General or the Drone? Images of the two are below. If anyone does, I will give a shoutout to them.  :D
  10. declan999

    Behaviour Sprites for programme make sprites

    Hello Myself with a group of friends are building a medium size RPG game using VX Ace. We have an artist making the portraits and we've been using Game Character Hub to make the sprites. However to my knowledge the programme is unable to make behaviour sprites similar to the ones that are...

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