1. WeGotBeats

    TRADE Need Custom Sprites (willing to trade for BGM music)

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: Travis is from the small town of Livingston. He grows up there with his mother, father and his brother Darick. One day Darick travels into town and is never heard from again. 10 years later, Travis, now a man, with his companions battle the global entity known as...
  2. Bleed

    Technical Question regarding MV Battler Sprites

    Got a question for you guys, a bit technical in nature, and it's regarding RPG Maker MV. I'm an artist by trade, Shop Link Here. I've done several jobs for clients on this forum, mostly low-profile, but gathering experience regarding the game engines you guys use, and all that. Anyway, I've hit...
  3. JayIsrael

    The deal with custom sprites

    Okay - so I am not really interested in using the default sprites, so I thought "hey - I have photoshop, why not make my own?" I made an alien bat sprite, which is ugly as hell, but it is mine - and used it as an event - only every few frames the bat will go invisible ... To me, this indicates...
  4. 2 Anthro Sprite/Face/Battler

    Resource Type: Sprite recolor, face, side view battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: Open to any Description: Hello all, I am new to rpg maker and am starting making an adventure (like so many others). I am hitting a road block when it comes to actor assets. What I am looking for is: 1...
  5. CalebW

    Caleb's Sprites & Battle Animations

    Hey RPG Maker's, I have been practicing creating sprites as I'm in creation of my own game currently. I noticed... there just wasn't enough monster sprites for 4 - way animations. Now there are a few amazing creators that have them, however, I wanted to offer some to the community as well...
  6. tale

    com_sho Flame/Smoke/Void sprites

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting Fire zip here. Preview 6 image files: !$flame | !$flame2 | !$fume | !$smoke | !$smokescreen | !$void Terms: - You can use this however you like (including commercial game) x You can not sell the material by itself - No need to contact...
  7. DiegoAngelGamer

    Plane Seats

    Hi :kaohi:, community: Do you have some sort of plane seats facing left or right for my game :kaothx:? It will be amazing to not use sofas as sits! If you don't know, don't worry. - Diego
  8. DiegoAngelGamer

    New Chest Sprites

    Hi :kaohi:, do you know where I can find some chest sprites??? (or related to chests, like a coin purse or a wallet) I've been searching for them and I just couldn't find anything that I like. If this post lacks some information, simply tell me in the comments and I will add it. Thanks in...
  9. Adding Events to Sprites

    Hey guys, sorry of it sounds like a noob question but I am new to all of this (started working with RMMV 2 days ago) and I can't really find a solution to my problem. I'm working on a point and click game using the Mouse System Ex plugin and I activate all my events by clicking on the tiles...
  10. CalebW

    CalebW's resources MV Sprites

    First and foremost please thank @hiddenone, @IceKun , and @whtdragon for their generator parts. Without them half of these wouldn't be possible. Additionally @Zinx10 for the gradients on the hair. I wanted to take some time to put together Sprites, Faces, Walking, SV, and Damaged units for...
  11. Abashi76

    Mod Request : Awesome features R2K3 to XP

    I have looked up this issue, to see if there are any mods to bring back R2K3 features into newer RPG Makers. The reason is, I loved those features in R2K3, especially the battle sprites for the player (since it looks stupid on RPG Maker XP). Not only that, R2K3 has a built in system to allow...
  12. Sato1999

    Yangfly Master's animated (holder-styled) battlers

    Hello there, I'm not active on this forum for a long long time, but I'm kinda back at RPG Maker because of my current project, so I'm here to share most of the stuff I made on most of my years, unfortunately I don't have some of my stuff saved because of my last PC broke, but whatever, this's...
  13. Mushroom Sprites

    Someone knows who made this sprites and he's terms?
  14. Kaduki Sprites

    Ok, i know that the sprites of Kaduki now are payed, but, i have them, and i love them. I want so much to use them in my game (Non-Commercial) but i don't know if i am allowed. Please help me!
  15. Gallimed

    Idle/walking/running animation

    Is there any way to achieve that? I'd like to have my characters have more animation than just three frames when walking and running about. Bonus point if i can cycle frames instead of working around it. It would be appreciated if i could also make animation like laughing/climbing...
  16. Kev

    RMMV Anthro Char Sprite Request

    Would anyone be willing to help me design a few anthro characters for the RPG Maker MV world? I'm looking for something in the vein of hiddenone's anthro characters. I've done a pretty extensive search of what's currently out there, and there don't seem to be a lot of anthropomorphic animal...
  17. Terms Of Sprites - Help me!

    Someone can help me with this characters? http://dotrpg.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-74.html#comments They are so beautiful but i don't know if it's free to use, because is in japanese.
  18. Enemy Sprites

    Hey guys... I have question. What is the max size for enemy sprites? As in the type that appears in front or side of during battles??? Like not the little battler kind??? The image kind???? I'm planning to make those and then crop them down to face image size afterwards for the face icons in on...
  19. BuzzGaming57

    FREE Earthbound 2 Concept

    EARTHBOUND 2 CONCEPT Engine: VXAce Synopsis: My Role(s)/Position(s): Priority Roles: Beneficial (but not necessarily required) Roles: Characters, Setting and World Development: [/SPOILER]
  20. I need sprites like this

    Hello again! Guys, i'm about three days searching for sprites like this: These are not free, but i need in these style, someone have, please? (For VX Ace)

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