1. [VX ACE] request for facesets/spritesets/battler

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for artists who are interested in creating facesets/spritesets + 1 battler (see below). You can do these separately and for one character so there's no obligation that you have to do both. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am pretty crummy with art/digital art. o My...
  2. isakbladh

    Need some sprite animations

    Could someone remake this sprites like this: I whould like the boy with black hair have one sprite when it look's like his falling. The another when hes lying on the ground then i whould like this one to look likes he pushed the boy, like have both his arms forward. note its the boy with...
  3. Korimax

    Entire Collections Search.

    Okay to start things simple this is only a request and honestly I have no idea who would be crazy enough to help me with this. But I thought since I am surrounded by several RM masterminds, they may have the resources, since it would seem they have left the face of the internet. Currently I am...

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 …I think I might need to switch from standard ATK/DEF up/down buffs to parameter altering states. I just had an actor whose usual attack against an enemy does ~25 do a buffed attack against a debuffed enemy for ~600…
just saw that titan quest is free on steam until the 23rd
Zombie status is now complete. I didn't have to do much in the way of changing how healing is applied to undead targets, was just a simple 3 line code. I thought I had to overhaul Game_Action lol. Everything else was doable by events. So.. Zombie: You turn undead. Your element changes to darkness. You're weak to light, you're strong to physical attacks and healing hurts you and revival items will kill you.
My Overworld might be a mix of inspiration from 2D Final Fantasy games, Breath of Fire, Battlechasers: Nightwar, Super Mario World, and Pillars of Eternity. If I can make it more in-depth than just walking from point A to point B, that might do a lot for the gameplay experience. Hmm...

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