1. CrowStorm

    Simple-Ish (I Think?) Sprite Edit

    Hi! I just want to take the helmet off of this tall style character (based on one from the Dark Fantasy pack that I don't think I'm allowed to post resources from according to the site rules but idk so I'll just provide one frame for now to be safe): PM me if you can help. (I'd try to make an...
  2. EmptyVoid_

    [Help] Unsure on how to get this sprite working on RPG Maker MV

    Greetings, I wasn't sure where to post this thread. I looked through all of the categories and as a new user- I'm confused. General Discussion seemed like the right place to me as it's only something that requires a comment or two. Lets cut to the chase: I'm trying to get this sprite to work...
  3. Yeaster

    Looking for a gun and camcorder character set?

    This is for RPG Maker VX Ace. Does such things exist? I've googled but can't find anything. If someone is good at spriting objects, will they be so kind as to make them for me? I will appreciate you until the end of time and you'll be credited, of course.
  4. Dust

    RPG Making #1 - Reusing Sprites

    Tutorial topic: Reusing sprites or "Frankenspriting" Brief description: This tutorial covers the basic on making the most out of resources you already have at your fingertips with a detailed example using basic image manipulation. Hopefully, this video inspires you to craft your own creations...
  5. captainette777

    What programs do you use for spriting?

    Asking as a person who has never tried it before, and is now considering it. What is your favorite one to use, what program did you start using in the beginning, what's the easiest for a complete noob like me to get into, what's affordable/free, and what creates the best looking work for you or...
  6. Arcmagik

    Sprite Improvement Needed

    Resource Type: Character Sprite Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Mack Description: I can edit things and even make minor changes. This seems beyond me... So I have come to ask the help of the more experienced Pixel Artists to see if they can help make the following sprite more visually...
  7. gendfleur

    acoustic guitar sprite

    hello !! i'm looking for a sprite for vxa, preferably in lunarea's style, but anything that meshes well with tilesets like pandamaru, leilaheliday, celianna, etc, would be super great. it doesn't have to be usable for commercial, just noncomm! Description:  i'm looking for an acoustic guitar...
  8. Ansreng

    Sprite for a superhero

    This is the ultimate chance to make a superhero a la batman as funny character. The Sprite is going to be looseleaf, if you have questions i will answer them as fast as possible. He is wearing a mostly back suite, similar to Kankuro from Naruto. Otherwise you are pretty free to create...
  9. Silenity

    2 minute fill in request~!

    Just need someone to help me fill out this sprite I "made." All I did was remove Actor3-5's head and replaced it with People4-3's head. Could use some help just filling in the missing pixels to make it look normal. I tried but I think I'm brain dead. EDIT: Did it myself. It turned out...
  10. FuryDr00d

    Sprite Face Formatting

    So, I used Game Character Hub, RMVXA Face Template, and I made a face. I was happy with it, and uploaded it to RMVXA with the resource manager. But, it's formatted wrong... I don't know how to fix this either, so... help? First picture is a regular face, and the second is mine, formatted wrong...
  11. Miss Nile

    [VXACE]In need of a down sprite

    Hi everyone, I have a (hopefully) simple spriting request. I am in need of a down version of this character in this form: I tried to do it myself but let's just say that the results weren't too pretty. ^^; Thanks a lot in advance!
  12. JosephSeraph

    [VIDEOS] JosephSeraph speaks on Pìxel Art

    Hi there! I'm a pixel artist (check my stuff like my RMW resource thread on the signature) and I'm making a series of videos on Pixel Art! The very first video is an elementary introduction to what is pixel art, as well as an evaluation of whether you should learn it or not. (Protip: If you're...
  13. Geoff Moore

    Advice on getting started spriting VX Ace characters?

    A talented artist friend of mine would like to try out spriting VX Ace characters and has asked me to help him get started. I know nothing about it, so I'm looking for help. Are there any decent tutorials and nude bases (preferably with various body shapes) he can use? I tried searching around...
  14. Spriting this hairstyle problems ... help please?

    So I'm spriting hair. And I ran into a snag that I can't seem to work my way around. Especially since I don't know the exact name of the style.  The Manestyles are like the following: and for examples.  But those Spiky type style is easier to draw on bigger than Sprite heads, trying to...
  15. Character Hub Questions.

    Okay, so I was browsing the RPG Maker website after redownloading my RP Maker VX Ace Program and sending a request for new activation key. And I saw Game Character Hub. Now it looks [at least from what I can see without buying it] like something that could help with my Spriting problems.  But I...
  16. Using Animator to replace Sprite Sheet [normal movement] question.

    So is it possible to use the Animator feature to replace the sprite sheet for character movement? Or is that not doable? Since I kind of like the infinite possibilities the animator could open up, and I'm annoyed at my characters keep getting cut off,  or I can't add X since it'd make them to...
  17. Broyi

    I'm looking for a tileset. (RTP Edit).

    I need something like this, the one that goes downstairs, in the style of this part of the VX ACE RTP, because the RTP only contains the one that it's going upstairs. It would be nice if it would include the "shadow" you see at the end of the reference stair. And it would be only that. Thanks...
  18. Marquise*

    Hi, Need help animating gifs in Photoshop!

    So all right, here's the topo. I am now animating a walking version of the Demon from the $BigMonster_2 spritesheet.  A couples days ago I tried in my CS4 Extended to do what I usually do to make an animated .gif in order to show/have the right idea of it walking! 3 Frames, how hard could it be...
  19. yamashta

    Big bundle of questions.

    Hello! I'm completely and utterly new to the art of RPG Maker. I'd like to make a game SIMILAR in functioning to Yume Nikki or Ib, where fighting isn't exactly a part of the game, but MAYBE a HP system is ( player get's 'attacked', lowers health, has to 'find' something to replenish it ). I'd...
  20. Marquise*

    Game Character Hub Tutorials required!

    All right!  I got a gift from someone of the Game Character Hub and to work a sprite from scratch from there I have no problems. The problems arise while doing the followings; importing a full sheet of sprites with a set of 8 characters or moving items, because I can't quite know how to...

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