1. Moony

    Child Base/Template Request?

    Hello, I'm still awfully new to sprite editing, but I do have talent when it comes to art and I am very willing to learn via baby steps. My friend is working on his first game as some sort of a learning experience, him as a programmer and me as a artist/map builder. Regardless, I'm here for a...
  2. hikarushirou

    That's the Sprite(dit)!

    RPG MAKER VX ACE Hello pixel artists! Looking for some recolours and personal sprites.   Recolours - Done, thanks slim! If someone recolour (just) the maids from Behavior4 to match Antares' Villager17 recolours? Behavior4 Antareas Villager17 Sprite Request Instead of using RTP sprites, or...
  3. wrigty12

    Someone to finish an image/sprite/graphic for me?

    I have started a sprite here: That I am basing off of this: I would like someone to finish it (the legs/little circular body part that connects the legs to body) that is good at spriting. The color scheme of the outer base (not the clock-face itself) is preferred for the rest of it. Anyone...
  4. wrigty12

    Large Character Spriting from this Picture (VXAce)

    I am looking for someone that is skilled in spriting a large character from a picture for me. I would like it to be about this big: Yes, I only want it facing forward, I do not need the other directions.
  5. Kaza2929

    [WANTED MAPPER] Development Team for Twice Upon The End

    "Twice we were told, about the fairy tale that will never end."   Story Twice Upon The End is a story told through the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.   Five years have passed since the boy named Eric Shin thwarted the corrupt King known as Cronus. Inspired by the views of the courageous boy...
  6. Requesting Mappers (Or Spriters Or Composers)

    Hello. I've been working for a month or so on a project, and I'm happy with the amount of progress that I've made. However, extra help is always welcome, so if anybody fancies working on maps (be it 1 or 20, your help will be welcomed) or sprites, or music, please let me know, and we can discuss...
  7. Kaizaran

    ▲Kilo Squadron▼ Forming a Team - Demo Available

    Kilo Squadron A Metroid RPG   Greetings, everyone. Today we come to you looking for help with our project; Kilo Squadron. It is a Metroid-based RPG that deviates from the usual formula while retaining several key elements, namely exploration, sci-fi lore and atmosphere.   We have a demo put...
  8. Des

    Spriting/Pixel Art Tutorials

    Howdy! Do you want to create your own graphics for your RPG Maker games? Tired of relying on the RTP? I've written an exhaustive series of tutorials on the subject of pixel art and spriting. These are aimed at RPG Maker users, so I hope that you find them useful and look forward to seeing...

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