1. Lee Sang

    Sprites show black on Android device

    I have this flower sprite (spoiler below) which contains 189 frames. It looks fine on Windows but when I run my game on my Android device (Samsung Galaxy Note 9), it shows a black square. Sprites that have less than 15 frames can run just fine. Can anyone help me with this? I'll give more detail...
  2. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    Identify This Script~ Help!

    Hello Gamedevs and Gameplayers! I remember there being a script for RPG Maker VX Ace out there that essentially took the tiles and changed them from blocky and square to diagonal and natural looking. It only did that with A1 and A2 tiles (so it only affected water and land tiles). I have...
  3. RMMV Jack's Adventure (Working Title)

    Greetings! This is Veggiebad and I am here to pitch an Idea that is in the works. I have seen quite a number of independent games of my time and I really love the creativity some people have when it comes to working on these games, especially from software like RPG maker. Recently playing "To...
  4. Pine Towers

    Hex to Squares! (and vice-versa!)

    Hello there, guys (and gals). I really want to adapt some old hex maps to my game, since I find them more organic than squares for an overworld. Example: I'm no artist (or mathematician) to know the best way to adapt this to squares. I know I could just shift one row to square-fy it, but I...
  5. Mad editing mode won't let me edit maps (v1.02a)

    Some kind of black square the size of my cursor is preventing me from editing maps in map edit mode. Whenever I select a tile and want to post it on a map, the square gets posted on the map instead. Attached is the black square posted a few times on my new map.
  6. Square-grid drawing program?

    Well basically i am trying to design my own sprites for a game i'm creating, but i have no luck whatsoever when i'm trying to create them,I have tried gimp,Photoshop,Paint,Sai, but i am just wondering if anyone knows a Drawing program that has like a square grid and you move the brush along the...

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