1. Counter System with SRD ActiveDefenseCore & VE_ThrowableObjects

    In AlphaDreams' Mario & Luigi games, the player is able to dodge and counter attack via button prompts, When an enemy attacks directly, you jump to avoid and on to them as well When an enemy attacks using projectiles, you can deflect them using your weapons I've stated the plugins I'm using on...
  2. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Help with my title screen + plugin setup!

    Before I added the rest of the visual-novel utilities plugins into my project, Moghunter's Title Screen Command (or whatever it is called) plugin works smoothly without any problems. But after I added those visual novel utilities plugins, it stopped responding to up-down input, and is only...
  3. CardeMaker

    RMMV SRD_SupertoolsEngine Crashing error

    BIG TEXT ALERT Ok, first things first, i've already made an thread about the same problem more than one year ago, but it has gone nowhere because i didn't gave enought details, the only thing that i discovered with that thead is that probably some data file on my project is corrupted, that is...
  4. CardeMaker

    RMMV Problem with SRD Supertools Engine

    I made a topic with this problem a while ago but it had gone nowhere, now i'm here again. so, i have this error with SRD SuperTools Engine every time i launch the game, i don't know if it's the same error from the last time, but this time i'm a bit more wise about it. i know this is not an...
  5. Text Extactor for SRD_TranslationEngine

    Greetings, I made a plugin that extracts all the text from a rpg maker mv project and puts it in the translation.json file from SRD_Translation Engine to help you translate your game. This avoids you replaying the game to translate each message/command. First, the plugin extracts all the text...
  6. CardeMaker

    RMMV SRD Camera Core Error

    It's me again, well, i don't know why but i don't have luck with SRD Plugins, this time is Camera Core, i downloaded this plugin because it can focus on events, coordinates, etc. if anyone knows other plugin that can do it, or maybe only scroll map with variables, please recommend me, here is...
  7. Shawnyadeadhomie

    RMMV Summoning Plugin Help pls

    There are a few summoning plugins I'm leaning towards SRD's as it seems the simplest I'm just curious if there's a way to put limits on how many summons a character can have on at once, if there's a way to make the player have to sacrifice a weaker summon in order to summon a stronger one, and...
  8. lesbrarians

    RMMV SRD CCEX: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined

    I am losing my mind here. I'm encountering an issue whenever I execute the OpenCharacterCreator plugin command for Character Creator Ex. I'm fairly certain I know what the error is referring to, as I have encountered this error before in the past when adding new generator parts. I believe it's...
  9. kabivel

    RMMV Bug using - SRD_SkillExtender + YEP_SkillLearnSystem

    When these two plug-ins (SRD_SkillExtender + YEP_SkillLearnSystem) are used together, the submenus show skills that have not yet been learned. Does anyone know a solution for this?
  10. coucassi

    RMMV Reflection/Counter Popups

    Heyho! I am using SRD Battle Popup Customizer and I'd like to add Custom Popups, that appear if a magic attack is reflected/ a physical attack is countered. I can't figure out how to set the condition, though. Here is a screenshot of how the plugin parameters of a correct Custom Popup should...
  11. Pelek

    Timed Gauge SRD Hud Maker

    I just want a gauge that goes up and down with the in game timer but I'm unsure of the script to set the gauge value to the timers value or maybe using some kind of variables? I really don't know lol
  12. CardeMaker

    RMMV Error in SRD_SupertoolsEngine

    Hi everyone! Recently i was trying to use Supertools Engine in my project, but when i try it, THIS happens So, when i was searching for help, in the internet, because my programming knowledge is ZERO, i notice that a very few other persons had any problem, and nobody had the same as me, i...
  13. RMMV SRD HUD MAKER - Edits and changes only appearing after pressing F12.

    Hello Everyone I have been playing around with SRD's HUD Maker and have been loving it so far greatly. Currently I have run into an issue where I would edit the HUD , perfectly to the way I want it and then when I go to press F12 again or start up without pressing F12 the changes are not...
  14. Vis_Mage

    SRD Summon Core - Compatibility with Yanfly and SRD Plugins

    Hey there! :kaohi: Would someone be willing to take a look at, and possibly help me out with a compatibility patch between a few of SRD's plugins? The plugins in question are SRD's Summon Core, Battle Status Customizer, and Battle Popup Customizer, and Yanfly's Core Engine. 1: For the Battle...
  15. SRD_CameraCore help

    Hello! I'm working on a mobile game in MV to be played upright as opposed to turned on its side, and I need the screen to shift accordingly when the player turns left or right, to further their "vision," in those limited directions. So like, if the player moves right, the camera will shift so...
  16. Roult

    Shop Menu Core (YEP) BUG

    Hello everyone, I use the plugin of SRD "Sell Only Shop", the problem is that there is an incompatibility with the plugin of Yanfly "shop core". He considers the sale of my items as purchases in the display. "Vendre" = "Sell" Can someone help me? Thank you
  17. Random Panda

    SRD Timed Attack Note Tag help

    Hi all, This issue, might be a little complicated and may not even have the answer I am looking for but I figured I would ask around. So I am using SRD Timed Attack for my game, and the SRD Timed attack Clock for the type. I am also having the Clock pattern determined by which weapon is...
  18. NekoDev

    How to integrate YEP_CreditsPage with SRD_TitleCommandCustomizer

    I tried searching in Yanfly plugin scene name, but then i discovered it doesn't have unique scene, it's just window. Is there an script command that does something similar to SceneManager.push(Scene Name)? Thanks for any replies!
  19. Lex1253

    Help with ALOE Virtual Buttons and SRD HUD Maker plug-ins?

    Hello! I'm fairly new here, and I've had RPG Maker MV for about 5 months. The plug-ins I'm using for this feature are SRD's HUD Maker for the background screen as well as the on and off function, and I'm using the ALOE Virtual Buttons plug-in for the interactive elements like the apps and the...
  20. Zakarijah

    Showing JP in SRD's "AltMenuScreen_BustIcons" plugin

    I'm using Yanfly's JobPoints.js but I can't seem to find any way to force the JP to show underneath the TP bar in the Menu when using SRD's AltMenuScreen_BustIcons.js. I'm not very skilled with Javascript but I'm great at following instructions! Help?

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