1. RMMV SRD Character Creator ex on Android/IOS/Web

    I am trying to port my game to IOS and Android. Basically everything is working except for SRD Character Creator EX. My understanding is that SRD's plugins are reliant on Node.Js functions. In the code for SRD Character Creator EX, there are many references to 'fs' (file system). Something...
  2. TheRealFame

    RMMV (Timed Attack SRDDude) What did he intend the graphics width to be changed to, to become lowered?

    Also, To put that out there. Putting a number (Any number) Does not change the width. It instead prompts an error and sometimes just skip the timed event, giving you the failure screen.
  3. wanderingRapscallion

    SRD's Scrolling Battleback plugin: Any way to make it tilted? Here's what i mean:

    In my game, I'm trying to have the ground move infinitely in one direction, like this. I know I could pay for PKD's Video Player plugin and try to make this in another software (I already use it for the enemy sprites) but I lack expertise in any 3D program. I was wondering if there was any...
  4. Sammyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    SRD's Shaking Text: Grey Outline Removal

    Hellooo, Im using SRDude's Shaking Text plugin but there's a grey outline on text that shakes/waves. I use Yanfly's text plugin too but I've tried turning it off and it still shows an outline. I try changing the outline color but no matter what I put, it's grey. I also tried turning off keep...
  5. RMMV looking for specific battle script calls as conditions for SRD HUD maker

    figured id ask here since its very related to scripts themeselves. ive been having trouble these past days trying to find the correct script calls to place in the condition box of SRD's HUD maker pluggin. Been trying to have several pictures act as part of the UI of the battle screen depending...
  6. SRD HUD maker change images when an action is being selected during combat?

    hello, this is my first time posting here, im starting to work on my game using MV, wanted to start early with the HUD before continuing further and decided to use the SRD HUD Maker plugin to stylize the look of the combat in my game, so far ive managed to implement all elements correctly but im...
  7. TheRealFame

    RMMV SRD Dudes Hud Maker (MV) Not loading on Browser/Mobile

    This is the exact same issue the person in this forum thread is having https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/sumrndmdde-hud-maker-browser-problem.92752/ Are there any new updates on the fix for this?
  8. casteco

    RMMV How to write 'IF party member exists THEN check X' condition for SRD's Hud Maker condition?

    Trying to make an image appear over each actor to indicate their turn using '$gameParty.battleMembers()[x].isInputting()' However, if there is less than 4 party members present then it returns an error as it does not let me set up that condition for non existent party members. How do i write a...
  9. Yoshibater

    RMMV SRD HUD Maker Image Gauge Bar Glitch

    Hello I'm having an issue with the SRD HUD Maker plugin. I'm using it to make a custom HUD for my game and everything works and looks all good right now except for my gauges. I am using the image gauges with custom images and normally they should look like this: The problem is randomly the...
  10. ray_stride07

    How to fix error of Combination Between SRD_SummonCore & VE_ThrowableObject ?

    Hello friends I have a question so I use a plugin called SRD_SummonCore & VE_ThrowableObject. I made skill like this to my enemy. Barrage: Fires a barrage of bullets repeatedly. This is the notetags skill : <throw object: before> image: picture 'RifleBullet' speed: 400 start: 0, 0 </throw...
  11. RMMV SRD Dynamic Actors issue

    When creating a note-tag for an accessory, the piece will not appear on the custom character (All other pieces work). I changed file names for [ACCESORY A] to remove spaces, but even after that, those specific pieces still are not called into game. Example: <Force AccessoryA Piece: AccessoryA...
  12. Lunyc

    RMMZ SRD HUD Maker Ultra - showing state icons in the battle HUD

    I've been trying my hand at SRDude HUD maker to make a better looking battle HUD (my MZ project only has 1 actor, so the default HUD doesn't really work). The problem I'm having is that, while I actually made my battle HUD pretty quickly, there's apparently no way to show the icons of the...
  13. Geeguz

    SRD battle status customizer mark portraits as players in battle?

    I've decided upon using srd battle status customizer for my battle system and I have absolutely scoured the internet for a plugin so I can have battle text popups and possibly battle animations play on the player portraits and I cannot come up with anything. This was previously possible with...
  14. CardeMaker

    RMMV Where do i find plugins that put the main menu in an map and don't crash my game?

    i don't know if the title got clear, but what i am looking for is an plugin just like SRD_TitleMapBackground and N_TitleMap, with the simple condition that it is none of the both, because both crash in my project, SRD_TitleMapBackground crashes because i have YEP Gridfree Doodads in my project...
  15. RMMV help with SRD_PreloaderCore and Iavra Loading Image

    Hi guys! I need help regarding these two plugins. I use the iavra plugin to have an animated loading screen, the only problem is that I would also need the SRD plugin only that the two conflict and therefore the iavra plugin does not work. is there a way to make the 2 plugins work together...
  16. CardeMaker

    RMMV [SOLVED]Problem using SRD Plugins (maximum call stack size exceeded)

    Sometime ago i made an thread trying to solve an problem that happened to me with SRD_SuperToolsEngine, some talk before i've discovered that the problem was some files from Supertools that got corrupted at the first time i ran it, solved it, and, new problem, Supertools is causing an error...
  17. Arglax

    Gacha Plugin Conflict

    Post moved to https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/gacha-js-official-plugin.149365/
  18. SRD's sequence input 0 damage

    I'm using SRD's sequence input, following his videos and everything, but no matter if I press early, on time or late as suggested the damage I dealt is always 0 or miss, any ideas? Just below is the skill and plugin order
  19. Counter System with SRD ActiveDefenseCore & VE_ThrowableObjects

    In AlphaDreams' Mario & Luigi games, the player is able to dodge and counter attack via button prompts, When an enemy attacks directly, you jump to avoid and on to them as well When an enemy attacks using projectiles, you can deflect them using your weapons I've stated the plugins I'm using on...
  20. TenraiEmiko

    RMMV Help with my title screen + plugin setup!

    Before I added the rest of the visual-novel utilities plugins into my project, Moghunter's Title Screen Command (or whatever it is called) plugin works smoothly without any problems. But after I added those visual novel utilities plugins, it stopped responding to up-down input, and is only...

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