1. TheLastYuriSamurai

    RMMV Me, failing to write an if... else statement

    Hello ladies, gentleman, and those in between/neither who are better at Javascript than I (SQL nerd here). I have the following code that draws a nifty little preview menu (SRPG plugin for those curious): Window_SrpgStatus.prototype.drawParameters = function(x, y) { var lineHeight =...
  2. RyanBram

    SRPG Gear MZ - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    Authors : Ohisama Craft (おひさまクラフト), SRPG Team Hi, Everyone. At the end of this happy year, I would like to announce the arrival of the Tactical Battle System plugin for RPG Maker MZ called SRPG Gear MZ. By using the SRPG Engine MV as a base, SRPG Gear MZ has the same goodness with...
  3. EidolonDreams

    Major hurdles to making an SRPG?

    I've scrolled through a lot of old threads about people wanting to make FFT-style games, but don't see much in the way of... useful info. What is it exactly that makes it so hard to do that most people have apparently given up on it?
  4. harmonic

    RMVXA Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga (Strategy / tactical RPG)

    Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga Click here to see the Coming Soon page on Steam! Hello, just wanting to share what Mithran and I have been working on since around 2016. It's getting ready to release this summer. Synopsis Symphony of War is a new Strategy RPG series, with The Nephilim...
  5. Synrec

    Synrec's Plugins (Enemy Capture, Tactical Battle System, Duelist Card System, etc)

    Monster Capture Plugins: Core Tactical Battle Plugins: Tactical Battle System Spin Top Battle Plugins: Spin Top Battle Duelist Card Plugins: Duelist Cards General Plugins: Actor Construct Skill Construct Skill Equip Equip Construct Overworld Plugins: Text Sounds Map Enemies Land...
  6. NoPiessadface

    RMMV Touhou Emblem: Genealogy of Youkai War (DEMO)

    What the hell is this? a short rpg maker game mix of touhou project and fire emblem genealogy of holy war. Screenshots: Characters Reimu She's the key of the war and she mustn't die. This was her first time participating in a war, because of her anxiety she might do some stupid mistakes and...

    RMMV SRPG CONVICTION officially launch

    Taiwan indie game developer, Maker Production Team (http://www.chimakier.com/) publishes retro style SRPG - CONVICTION - on Steam after a year of development in Early Access. - CONVICTION - is a strategy roleplaying game inspired by previous masterpiece of the genre. The game tells the story...
  8. RyanBram

    SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    Introducing credits : Gakuto Mikagami, Doctor_Q https://github.com/Echizen-ham/SRPGcore https://github.com/RyanBram/SRPGcore Hi, everyone. Do you like Turn Based Strategy RPG games? If so, then I'm also like it so much just like you. Therefore, on this occasion, let me introduce a...


    Hey friends: The Conviction demo is finally ready for the world to try. Demo version: c_test.02 The demo is available in English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese (you can switch to your language in-game). Enjoy the first 2 levels of the game (about 30 minutes of...
  10. thatfrenchyguy


    Oh man, is that a ROBOT!? BAZBOT is a pseudo SRPG made in RPG MAKER MV where you take control of four sweet robots that are really good at killing stuff. The hell is a Bazbot? A Bazbot is a robot specially designed to be possessed and manipulated by a spirit. Developed by the US government, a...
  11. captainette777

    Using Yanfly's Region Editing plugin to poison a specific character.

    I'm having some serious issues with it. I want to make a tactics-type game where you move individual units around the field and fight. I'm trying to implement a function where you can get poisoned by stepping on certain terrain, and I would use regions to help with that. I bound Region 1 with a...
  12. JtheDuelist

    RMMV Fire Emblem Essentials MV [Project is cancelled]

    This project is sadly cancelled.
  13. Final_zero

    Srpg System

    So for my game I am looking for a Srpg system. A game that has inspired me is legna Tactica. I was hopeing someone could write a plugin for a battle system similar to this. http://www.kemco.jp/sp/games/rt/en/system.html Things I would need: Tiles for player and enemy to walk on. So There is...
  14. Psykofreac

    WIP Strategy RPG Project

    Hello everyone, I'm interested in working on an SRPG and I'm hoping some people are also interested in collaborating. A whole lot of it is work in progress at the moment and I would like help on some of it, writing included. The game I'm currently recruiting for shouldn't be too long though, I'd...
  15. Psykofreac

    What would you like to see in a tactics RPG?

    I believe the TRPG genre has a lot of potential that haven't yet been explored. The movement, range and locations add a new layer to combat after all. Basically, we can have dash attacks, knock backs, abilities that impede movement or AoE moves that specifically damages a target and their...
  16. Kilmoran

    On SRPG Development

     While I have seen many posts about this being difficult and yet done in the past so perhaps one day it will be done here, I have attempted to look in to resolving certain issues with going about creating a game type such as this on my own. Some I have resolved, others I have not, but I am...

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