1. Archlvt

    Damage Reacting to State Stacking

    Hello, I'm back again with another unusual and very specific request. I'm looking for assistance with a battle mechanic. This time, I'm looking to make an attack have increased damage or cause multiple values of damage for each stack of a particular state. Ideally, I'd prefer the multiple...
  2. Iliassine

    Elemental rate stacking

    Hey ! I think I'm in the good zone. Please, tell me I am. Anyway, I need your help : Fact is that I use the "Yanfly's slot upgrade" plugin, and by some way, I finally could use it and boost weapons, giving the wearer boost effects. Anyway, what I'm looking for is a way to resolve the following...
  3. ts50

    States that stack effects

    Might be the wrong place but I think it is correct. What I want is a script that will increase the effect of a state when it is applied multiple times. Basically, if an enemy uses "Poison" once, the damage is minor. But if they use it two or three times, the damage increases. Same sort of thing...
  4. Need Limited Inventory Plugin

    I've seen inventory limit plugins based on weight and ones based on the maximum number of items, but what I want is one that limits how many items of different kinds you can have and how many can be in each stack. I've seen things like this done with grid systems but it doesn't work with the...
  5. XGuarden

    NPC stack

    I do event in my game like every npc go to a stair and take it. Basicly they go in the stair and because transparent and pass trought... But I facing a problem. NPC seam do not want to stack. First NPC go on the stair place, but after other NPC go on the stair place and then move on...
  6. vectorinox

    How to set arraylist and add/remove element from it?

    Last time, I had the following script to give the party a random item from an item pool when opening a chest. Then, I tried to make the item that the party receive to be removed from the pool and replaced with something else. So I add the following line. Apparently, array is static and...
  7. Milennin

    How to stack debuffs?

    I have a skill that hits an enemy multiple times in one turn by using the Force Action command. With each hit, I want it to decrease the enemy's DEF by 5% (or make them take 5% more damage). So, with the first hit, their DEF is lowered by 5%, the second hit will have their DEF lowered by a total...
  8. Mr. Trivel

    Error Stack on Screen

    Name: Error Stack on Screen Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-05-16   About the plugin: QoL improvement to show error stack on screen for easier bug reporting.   Screenshot: How to use? Plug and Get Errors...
  9. Mahoken

    Creating a skill off STACKING states?

    How can I make a skill that has a stacking state mechanic?  Right now, I'm trying to make a skill that adds 2 stacks of this Venom state. 1 stack of Venom deals a flat damage amount each turn, and each stack deals a little more damage per turn. Autos deal 1 stack of Venom. Max stacks is 6...
  10. Mr. Trivel

    States EX

    What does it do? Adds more functionality to states. Stacking states - E.g. 10 Bleeding state stacks, 5 Poison state stacks Transforming states at stacks reached - E.g. At 5 Poison stacks, transform it into Toxic state.     Author: Mr. Trivel Name: States EX Created: 2015-10-27 Version...
  11. MeowFace

    Double Gold/Exp based on Luk/Dex

    Made this script for a request here. Sharing it here in case any one else need this feature in their game. Features: [1] A chance of double exp/gold based on a sum up total of actor's luck/dex that stacks with the game default double gold/exp. [2] The more actors with the tags in the battle...
  12. DomTSVG

    How to Check for Multiple of the Same Item

    Hi guys! I was wonder if there was a way I could check for multiple items at the same time in one script call. Basically I want to make a basic crafting system without a huge fancy script, and I want to be able to check for multiple items with an ID value and make sure the player has enough of...

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