1. FeiLin

    Sideways or Diagonal Stairs

    Hi, guys! I've been trying to find some sideways or diagonal stairs for Rpg Maker Vx Ace but I still haven't found one.. I did found some but it's not the one I need :'( Anyone who where I can find one? I need something like this one: But for Vx Ace instead. I'm not good at drawing so...
  2. Please help me. I have an issue with stairs

    I am new here and I hope someone can help me with an issue I have. My player isn't able to walk stairs in a certain direction. The player is able to walk up off the stairs and down again entering them (green arrows). But it's not possible to walk down the stairs or up again (red arrows). The...
  3. Tonbi

    TF_Undulation.js You can walk stairs smooth!

    TF_Undulation.js Tonbi@Tobishima-Factory Introduction Can walk tiles of different height naturally, such as stairs. Credits & Terms of Usage! (c) Tonbi@Tobishima-Factory Released under the MIT License. Download https://github.com/tonbijp/RPGMakerMV Features - You can up and down...
  4. Runee

    Rune's Edits

    Hello, and sorry for my bad English.:rswt2: There is a few things I made for my game and I want to share. Term: - These are RTP Edits and are free for non-commercial and commercial games. - Credit to Enterbrain/Kadokawa and Rune.:rhappy: Stairs :
  5. Sideways Stairs

    So I'm trying to make stairs that go up from left to right and right to left, commonly referred to as "side stairs". I'm having troubles coming up with anything working on my own, and I can't find any tutorials for it, so I thought I'd ask here for help with this. I'd greatly prefer if the...
  6. Katt Therese

    Hozizontal/Diagonal/Sidways Stairs

    I was looking for a plugin for this and the only one simple enough that worked was this plugin. I don't exactly know anything about plugins editing or making myself, but I only came across one problem that I have no idea how to fix. For this plugin to work, you mark the passable spaces and...
  7. JustinK

    Looking for stairs from basic 'Outside_A5' going the opposite direction

    Hello community! As the title says I am looking for the stairs from the basic Outside_A5 tileset. At this moment, the tiles included in the tileset go from the back to the front (meaning you move downwards (the back is located at a higher level than the front)). What I am looking for is...
  8. Alastor01

    Alastor01 Rendered RTP-like Tiles

    Hello! The following are some of the resources I am making for my game. These have been created from scratch by a combination of drawing, modeling, rendering and editing. I am using GIMP, BIMP, and Blender. These tiles are meant to mimic RTP ones. (I have older pixel-art-like / GIMP edits...
  9. firststef

    Stairs movement (slopes)

    How do you do it? im sure you know what i mean.
  10. Orb

    [MV] Sideview stairs

    Hello, me again :kaoswt2: I'm looking for something very simple and basic, though I haven't found it in the forums... A wooden (sideview) stairs for RPG maker MV. I want something very similar to Celianna's stairs for VX: It doesn't have to be very detailed, but it has to include the...
  11. Sards

    Sards's RTP Edits

    Here are some stairs for you to enjoy! Made this in like 30 minutes. I'll keep em coming. So enjoy!!
  12. Mikleo

    Sideway Broad Stairs

    Hello, just want to ask if anyone has seen a Sideway/Sidefacing Broad Stairs? Preferably the Blue Carpet Stairs? Or just a Broad Sideway Stairs in general. The sideway stairs that I found is so puny compared to the main stairs... :(   Please tell me if anyone knows, thanks!
  13. DarkBooDev

    Diagonal Stair Movement with Pixel Movement

    I just wanted to ask if anyone knows about how to program stairs that cause a character to move diagonally downwards when the player inputs a single keyboard command in VX Ace. For instance, if I had a staircase leading down to the right, I would want to press the right arrow or 'D' key and...
  14. ImPunish3r

    How can we make stairs go downward ?

    i dont know if im just missing something but i want to make a stair that go downward but i want to go from the bottom of the screen to the top here's a photo to explain a little more. There's only the one on the left that go downward but from the top of the screen to the bottom.
  15. Candacis

    Move Up/Down Sideview Stairs

    Hey, I'm looking for a plugin that allows diagonal movement up and down on sideview stairs. I'm not looking for a movement plugin that always allows diagonal movement, just that the sprites can automatically go sideview stairs up and down, just holding left or right arrow key. There...
  16. emilywake

    Autotiles and Stairs

    In the picture below, you can see the problem I'm having. I want to make the stairs and carpet look like they are one piece of carpet. I don't know how, though. Can anyone help me?
  17. Zethian

    How to make stairs going left/right that move the player diagonally?

    I'm trying to make stairs that are at a side-on view. I have some tiles that achieve this look, but I cannot figure out how to make the player ascend or descend stairs going horizontally across the map. The tiles for the stairs (for example going up and left) go up one tile for every time they...
  18. Problem with Stairs

    I'm trying to set up some stairs in a "one-area" house. Basically, if it works, I can get my character from the upper to the lower floor, then back again. The problem is that it doesn't. I can step onto the stairs from the upper floor, but I can't step off of them to go onto the lower floor...
  19. Walking up and down sideways stairs? ><

    Well.... I feel like a noob asking this, and I'm sure it's been asked before but I can't find the answer xD Basically, when I have a sideways staircase which actually goes up and down like this: (This is not my screenshot I just found it) My character just wants to waltz right into the side...
  20. FenixFyreX

    Stairs Movement

    Stairs Movement v1.0 FenixFyreX Introduction This script allows movement on a diagonal line to emulate scaling staircases. Features - Easily designate a staircase via a region - Change the speed at which steps are taken to match the pace of moving up/down the staircase - Alter the y coordinate...

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