1. Ispguy

    Trouble With Saving Using Plugin

    I am currently making a short rpg horror game. I felt inclined to add a stamina system so that the player can only run for so long before having to let it recharge. I used Silver's Dash Stamina to achieve this. The problem is when using the plugin I can no longer save the game. I've tried...
  2. Nicke

    Hirion - Stamina System

    Hirion - Stamina(v1.0) Introduction: A stamina system. This will add a stamina parameter to the player which are used to control the ability to dash around the map. This plugin works with Hirion Swim, you will loose more stamina when swimming. You can display the stamina to the user using the...
  3. Servidion

    Sprint Stamina common event?

    So I have a toolbar that utilizes common events. Created many tools, but I'm having difficulties with one. I have a tool called "Sprint Shoes". What I want this to do is allow you to dash for a short period of time when used (Say 10 seconds) with a 10 second cooldown. How would I go about...
  4. SakuraMiya

    Help With Stamina Bar and more.

    I am in need of a stamina bar in my game. I have seen Yami Engine Stamina Bar and some Youtube videos about adding your own graphics to it. But how can I make a Stamina Bar that only appears in Chase Scenes and which also needs items to increase max stamina? (besides refilling with time).
  5. Jragyn

    J MapTime Regen

    J_MapTime V: 1.0  Creator name: J ( Jragyn, J, Jeremy, take your pick) Introduction This is a stand-alone plugin that puts use to stats like HRG/MRG/TRG on the map. I'll say this many times, but even though it does work without a HUD, I imagine that it would make the most sense to find a...
  6. Bonkers

    Stamina for Player Actions

    I'd like a plug in that can show a stamina pool for doing tasks which can reduce, add, and replenish this resource via note tags or plug in calls.  Examples would be digging, plowing, chopping, and watering.  These actions would take away from the stamina reserve, stored in a variable, and...
  7. Noct


    Stamina Version 1.0.0 Shows a stamina meter on the map for the current player. Features: Smooth animation without lag. Supports a skill tree styled upgrade (if you learn the required skill) Adjustable X&Y, as well as max, decay, and recovery rates. Uses a single sprite to...
  8. TheMarbleFox

    Stamina Bar (Like the Mana Bar Combat Only)

    Hello Game Makers!  I am in need of a new bar/gauge in my game. I would like a class that relies on Stamina rather than Mana. However I would like the stamina gauge to work just like the mana one. Not a stamina bar that is used for dashing or other activities that depletes over time and...
  9. SilverDash

    Silver's Dash Stamina

    Script name: Dash Stamina v2.05 Author: Squirting Elephant Features: Script: Download v2.05 Download Master Demo License: License: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) ( Old Versions:
  10. SilverDash

    Dash Stamina

    Update 1.00 was released. Goto here from now on   Old stuff:
  11. jayholden

    Shared ATB/Stamina Meter for Strategy RPG

    Hey all. I'm making a game. Somewhat new to RPG Maker, completely new to scripting. Here are my requirements for my game's combat: 1. 3d Isometric perspective - using Layy Meta Engine 2. Active time (sort of... see #3) tactical/strategy RPG - using GubiD's Tactical Battle System aka GTBS 3. A...

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