star passability

  1. Gatto_Fatuo

    Questions about the "lite" version p2

    Reading the rpvxa tutorials (and experimenting), I got some questions: -What does the "star" mean in the passability of tilesets? -I happened to place a seller behind a seller behind a counter, thus making access to the seller (for the action botton) unreachable. how can it be avoided? - could...
  2. How to make the tile above the character only if they are on the same level.

    Hello! I use 2 tile characters in my game, and I need to make a suitable furniture for them. My problem is that this kind of furniture looks great if the character is on the same level with it (as in attachment 1), however, if the character comes from below, the upper tile (which is marked with...
  3. 5QU3L3T0N

    Help with star passability in tilesets

    So, my character sprites are pretty big. And, this happens : I'd like to set it so that, when the player is in front of the tile, the player is on top of the tile. But when the player is behind the tile, the tile is on top of the player. Is there a way I could do that?
  4. Fences, stars, and 4-directional passibility...

    I'm trying to make a fence that will 1) act like a fence (prohibits movement on one axis), and 2) looks like a fence (allows my character to walk behind it (this is mainly an issue for north-south blocking fences, for east-west I can place the graphic accordingly in the sprite tile and make...
  5. walk behind tileset B/C/D/E while using parallax mapping

    so its quiet simple i need to make sure that tiles are stared so that it can walk behind it but it keep getting impassible like if it was a cross when i use the circle it walks over it and i have my first tile B as star the whole thing works perfectly except that part any help would be much...
  6. Dachimotsu

    Large Sprites, Star Passability, and suggestions for how to fix them

    Attached is an image showing what issues I'm having and the settings I'm using. My game uses taller, sometimes wider sprites. Pictured is a character who is 2.5 tiles tall (hat included). Also pictured is that very hat going through the top of a nearby couch, and his body hiding under some...

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