star trek

  1. JayIsrael

    Eventing the ability to run out of torpedoes [SOLVED]

    Okay - been wrestling with this problem for a while and have resisted asking for help because I felt it was too complex an issue for me to even explain, much less get help with - but here goes. I have been making a Star Trek fan game. In one part of the game, I developed a first person space...
  2. JayIsrael

    FREE Star Trek game - would like a co-creator

    So - I started working on this game as an homage to Star Trek the 25th Anniversary game. I got a space ship battle (first person) working in it, and a bit of an alien planet , etc., tried to flood it with options to be able to talk to your away team crew at all times and get a different reaction...
  3. JayIsrael

    Making a space battle troubleshooting (random variable problem and also a background movement issue)

    Hey there, Hope I am posting in the right place. I am working on a Star Trek fan game and I got it in my head that I could make a space battle by tricking the player into believing they are controlling their ship when in fact they are actually controlling the enemy ship. Part of this was by...
  4. JayIsrael

    RMMV Star Trek: 55th Anniversary (a remake of the NES classic, Star Trek 25th Anniversary).

    This is my first ever attempt at creating a game. I decided I wanted to remake an old game, as that would give me a framework to try to emulate. I remembered that when I was a kid I bonded with my mom over the game Star Trek 25th Anniversary - she is a huge Trekkie, and actually learned English...
  5. Greygoose

    [RMVX+] XP-Styled Star Trek Charsets [WIP]

    The sprites will be posted on my DeviantArt page. There's loads of completed sprites there and more to come: Hey everyone. I would like to show you some previews of some Star Trek sprites I am working on. I am doing sprites of the different series. I...
  6. Nakoruru

    RMMV TRUMPH - The Meme Wars

    TRUMPH - The Meme Wars Disclaimer This game is mainly political satire and does not represent accurately anyone in real life. I do not support or oppose any political figure or anyone important in the world. I am just someone who make games for fun. Introduction This will be my next project...
  7. Glisean

    Glisean's Artwork [Mild Nudity]

    Just getting my art out into the universe and making more of an effort to be an active member of this forum. I might post more if there's an interest, but here's it for now folks.
  8. xcom

    Looking for star trek sprites for VX ace!

    Hello everyone! I did some looking around and kinda surprised I couldn't find any.  I'm looking for chibi Star Trek sprites for VX Ace.  Doesn't matter which series, DS9, TNG, classic ST, anything will really do.  Doesn't even have to be main characters.  Generic red shirts,  yellow, blue, etc...

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