1. OcRam

    OcRam - Star Tile Fix plugin [RMMV]

    Introduction All who have used larger than 1 tile sprites, have propably strugled with star (*) tiles. Star (*) tiles are ALWAYS drawn above characters even if character stands in FRONT of it. This plugin will fix star tiles Z index based on Y coordinates! For example large trees are usually...
  2. tammie

    Why does the B tile have to have a star at the top?

    I just had a quick question. In a tileset, why does the B tileset have to have a star for the first tile? I tried changing it but I couldn't move. Why should it be a star?
  3. Val

    Moving Actor and battler intro move face to face to start a battle!

    Hey eveyrone, I would like to know if someone know if an plugin already exist for making the Actor move across the screen to get to his position while the battle start? I mean, right now when you start a battle, the Actor and the enemies are already set in place, but I would like to have...
  4. Check whether a specific tile is a star marked

    As the title suggest, I need to check whether a tile, let's say at position x, y in tile coordinates on the current map, is marked by a star. Of course, I want to check this through scripting and not eventing.  For example are tree crowns in VXA marked by a star by default. I attached a...
  5. Torqus

    Walk behind Tile A

    Hi. First, I would like to know if there's a way to allow the player to walk behind tiles in tileset A, probably with regions. If there isn't it would be a nice plugin. I have a really annoying problem with that, I made my entire house graphics from tiles A to E and they fit perfect in the 3...
  6. heroscratch

    Star Dogs: ****Demo Now Available!****

      Genre: Dark Comedy/Drama-Action RPG   ***DEMO Download***   Rtp Included: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cv8sdgx74p36s2w/Star_Dogs_RTP.rar RTP Not Included on files below.   The below difficulties relate to the time allowed to act during battles. Easy Mode also comes with some starting...
  7. Scotteh

    Star "un-starable" tiles?

    Hey there, me again. It won't let me star a tile on the A set, but I need the roof to cover half of this door for a bit of realism... http://i1077.photobucket.com/albums/w472/ScottSkullcandy/Capture_zps18bc164e.png~original Things I've tried:  - Making the tile above the door an event...
  8. runic

    Star Passability Trouble

    Hello all, I hate for this to be my intro to the forums and all, but I have been struggling for a few days with this problem, and it is just baffling to me. I'm using RPGMAKER VX ACE.   My star passability settings are being ignored by ALL my maps. They are completely impassible, as if I had...
  9. FCU777

    Turning pics to sprites/icons/facesets

    Hello, I'm trying to turn some of the stuff I did into icons/sprites/facesets for a game I'm making, but I don't know exactly how to do that. Help please? Thanks. Icons Characters
  10. dahilig007

    [RMVXAce] Cell bars "☆ Icon" and "X icon"

    Software: RPG Maker VX Ace I was making an RPG, when suddenly I encountered a problem involving ☆ and X icons (Passable tileset). I was wondering when you go near a cell bar.. from outside the bars you should look like this right? Screenshot from outside the bars(behind): It was fine...

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