stardew valley

  1. Eusong

    RMMV Energy, eating, and sleeping in a farming game

    I'm making a farming game, think Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, but I'm wanting it to be a lot more difficult with farming and cooking being much more important aspects. Should I: 1: Have just a single energy bar that decreases when you use tools and also slowly overtime that gives a game over...
  2. BoxFox

    RMVXA Notes From Province (30+ hour RPG)

    There's a lot of good in life. You just have to look for it. Kyme's searching for a fresh start in the city of Province. Will he find it among the eccentric residents and their whimsical adventures? Or will he get lost chasing his personal villain, a grand thief capable of stealing the blue...
  3. DigitalWF

    Stardew Valley Hotkey/Shortcut/Inven

    I’m wondering if there are plugins like this to add item/equip as hotkey so player dont need to open menu all the time to use item and change equip. I’m using RMMV
  4. Edilsonsoares

    Item menu with side by side items as STARDEW VALLEY

    I don't like how the items are organized in the rpg maker mv menu, there is something to change that in the settings or with some plugin and it gets organized without appearing the item name in the menu and leaving it side by side like in the game Item menu with side by side items as STARDEW VALLEY?
  5. Kris_Gray

    TRADE Brave Hearts | Stardew x My Time At Portia RPG Open World

    Engine: RPGMaker MV Synopsis: You find yourself in Brave Heart Isle, remembering only your name.You are welcomed into Bravewood with open arms and love, a feeling you’ve never had before, so you stay for a little.However, the longer you stayed, the stranger things get and you fear that all of...
  6. grem333

    NPC Dialogue for Life Simulation Games: What Keeps You Interested?

    Hey guys, This question is more for Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley/Story of Seasons fans, but anyone can answer! For a while now, I've been making a harvest moon-like game for my own amusement (that I hopefully will release when it's eventually done!). I've been struggling for a couple weeks with...
  7. Aurabolt

    Aurabolt's Stream! (Love User-Created Games! Want more suggestions!)

    Hi there. My name is Aurabolt. I have a lovely stream over at . While I play many different games-Stardew Valley, some roguelites-I am a major fan-and always have been-of newly-created games by a community. I first got into streaming by playing RM2k games for Gaming World and RMN, but have also...

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