start up game

  1. WormZ

    RMMV SRD_Gameupgrade Won't let me start the game.

    When i installed "SRD_Gameupgrade" the game just won't start. i also installed "SRD_PreLoaderCore" and i tried to start the game by disabling both. and the game ran normally. i cannot run the game with "Preloader On" if "Gameupgrade" is off, so i tried turning off preloader and turning On...
  2. ABandit

    SMRD Menu Backgrounds - loading pictures when starting

    Hi there! I'm using a plugin from SumRndmDde called Menu Backgrounds. The plugin allows me to change the backgrounds of various menus; when starting the game, however, occasionally the background pictures don't load, and an empty black background is displayed instead. I've solved this issue...
  3. Jeralt

    Questions on starting gold

    So I've been using RPGMMV for a short time now and I dont feel like I know enough to make an even half competent game. For example, I want to set an amount of starting gold. I know this involves creating an event (?) and manipulating a self switch or something like that, bit no matter what...
  4. Goingto

    [Newb] getting erorr Victor (Multi Frames) in start up game

    Hello i need Help with make Victor Muti Frames to work please if you can , i cant find a Demo or online tutorial to how to make it work im newb i just start a week ago i learn about how to make events and Variables and Swichs and conditional Branchs i want to make a sprite icons game without...

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